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FILES.DOS 4,126 2011-02-14
FILES.WIN 858 2011-02-14
KSTAT41.ZIP 1,415,862 2011-02-14 Kwikstat V4.1, <Asp> <Esc> Allows You To
KSTAT41.ZIP 1,415,862 2011-02-14 1415862 08-29-95 Kwikstat 4.1 <Asp> Dos Kwikstat 4.1 <Asp> Award Winning Statistical Data Analysis And Graphs For Scientific And Business Data Analysis. Contains Dozens Of Standard Statistical Tests And Graphs. Uses Dbase Files. Imports Acsii And Lotus. Sia Award Winner. 12,000+ Copies Sold.
MATHEMAT.BBS 4,984 2011-02-14
MATHPL34.ZIP 136,615 2011-02-14
MATHPL34.ZIP 136,615 2011-02-14 136615 01-29-94 Mathplot 3.4 <Asp> Dos Mathplot V3.4 Mathplot Allows You To Enter Math Functions Using Normal Algebraic Notation And Immediately Plot Them On The Screen Or A Laserjet Printer. Handles Cartesian, Polar, And Parameteric Functions. Easy To Use But Very Powerful.
MTC95V20.ZIP 324,274 2011-02-14 324274 03-01-96 Mtrxcalc 2.01 <Asp> Dos Mtrxcalc A Calculator Interface To Matrix Algebra, Including A Parser For Expressions As: Inv(A)*(3*b-Trans(C)) And Buttons For Solving, Factoring, Finding Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors, Extracting Rows And Columns, Concats, Elementary Row Operations, Complex Or Real Display, Norm, Determinant, Inverse, Conjugate Transpose, Condition Number, File Save And Print On Windows Nt Or Windows 95. Easy Entry On Mock Spreadsheet Like Format.
MTC95V20.ZIP 324,274 2011-02-14 Mtrxcalc A Calculator Interface To Matrix
PHY312.ZIP 228,157 2011-02-14 228157 07-31-94 Interactive Physics Manu 3.11 <Asp> Dos Interactive Physics Manual V3.11 For Physics, Applied Physics And Physical Chemistry. Topics:vectors Motion, Radiation, Stress/strain, Series, Integration, Ideal Gases, Electricity, Optics, Ac Circuits, Rf Design. Completely Solved Problems With Versatile
PHY312.ZIP 228,157 2011-02-14
PLOTR77.ZIP 193,338 2011-02-14 193338 01-25-96 Plotter 7.7 <Asp> Dos Plotter V7.7 <Asp> Data Plotting And Analysis Program. This Versatile And Easy To Use Pc/at Dos Program Includes A Full Screen Data Editor, Curve Fitting, Fast Fourier Transforms And Digital Filtering. Uses Ascii Data Files. Plots Can Be Sent To A Printer, Or Can Be Saved To Disk In Pcx Format. On- Line Instructions.
PLOTR77.ZIP 193,338 2011-02-14 Plotter V7.7 <Asp> - A Data Plotting And
SURVEY3B.ZIP 191,134 2011-02-14 191134 03-05-96 * Survey Power 3.01 <Asp> Dos Survey Power Ver 3.01 Designed To Create, Analyze, And Printout Results To Your Surveys And Questionnaires. Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Text Entry, Weighting, And Numerical Entry Questions Are Supported. This Program Supports Complete, Demographic, Correlation, Numeric, And Text Frequency Analyses Of The Responses. Any Analysis Can Be Displayed, Printed, Or Saved As An Ascii Or Lotus File.
SURVEY3B.ZIP 191,134 2011-02-14 Survey Power Ver 3.01 Designed To Create,
TOGVB25.ZIP 239,128 2011-02-14 239128 01-31-96 Toggle25 2.50 <Asp> Win Toggle25 V2.50 <Asp> - The Toggle Switch Control Is A True/false, Yes/no, Or On/off Indicator For Use With Visual Basic, Visual C++, And Delphi. It Displays Captions Or Pictures To Represent The Toggle State. It Is Capable Of Playing Wave Files To Indicate The Switch Turning On Or Off. It Includes Bevels For A 3d Appearance And Blinking Capability To Draw Attention To The Control. It Also Has A Built-In Shut-Off Capability.
TOGVB25.ZIP 239,128 2011-02-14 Toggle25 V2.50 <Asp> - The Toggle Switch