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ACTS410.ZIP 280,000 2011-02-14
ACTS410.ZIP 280,000 2011-02-14 280000 03-21-96 Acts Of The Apostles 4.10 <Asp> Dos Acts Of The Apostles - Bible Study Tool Features An Interactive Bible Atlas And Quiz Based On The New Testament Book Of Acts. Visually Follow The Journeys Of The 1st Century Apostles As You Read Each Chapter On The Screen. Maps Can Be Printed Out. Quizzes Are Available To Test One's Knowledge As You Progress. An Excellent Learning Tool For Serious Bible Students. Requires Ega/vga And Hard Disk.
ANEWT30.ZIP 211,650 2011-02-14 211650 03-31-95 Animated New Testament 3.0 <Asp> Dos Animated New Testament V3.0 - Helps Children (And Adults) Learn The Books Of The New Testament. The Books Are Scrambled, Use The Mouse Or Keyboard To Select Them In Proper Order. Help Is Given As Needed. Animated Rewards Are Given For Successful Completion. Ega And Hard Drive Required. Keyboard And Mouse Support. Freeware From Flix Productions
ANEWT30.ZIP 211,650 2011-02-14 Animated New Testament V3.0 - Helps Children
BCOMP510.ZIP 204,370 2011-02-14 A Bible Companion - Electronic Handbook
BCOMP510.ZIP 204,370 2011-02-14 204370 03-21-96 A Bible Companion 5.10 <Asp> Dos A Bible Companion - A Bible Study Tool That Features An Interesting Collection Of Bible Aids All In One Program. Includes A Daily Reading Plan, Maps, Graphics, Charts, Poetry, Dictionary, Riddles, Studies. Very Simple To Use And Educational.
BXWORD12.ZIP 226,591 2011-02-14 Bible Crossword Puzzles - Attractive
BXWORD12.ZIP 226,591 2011-02-14 226591 03-21-96 Bible Crossword Puzzles 1.20 <Asp> Dos Bible Crossword Puzzles - Vga Puzzle Game. Now You Can Solve Electronic Crossword Puzzles On Your Computer Interactively! Many Puzzles Have Been Included For Your Enjoyment. All Clues Are Related To The Bible. Includes References To The King James Version. Features Include: Answer Peek, Save Your Work To Disk For Later Retrieval, Help Screens. A Fun Way To Increase Your Knowledge Of The Bible. Requires Vga/hd.
CHNG15.ZIP 1,204,546 2011-02-14 1204546 12-04-95 I Ching Empower Tool 1.5 <Asp> Win I Ching Empower Tool V1.5 <Asp> - Ask The I Ching Oracle Your Most Intimate Questions And Receive Immediate Answers. For Windows. Two Help Files. Detailed Graphic Printout. Readings Log For Saving Your Consultations. Hexagram, Changing Line, Trigram And Situation Analysis Databases In Shareware Version. Registered Version Features Bonus Relationships Database And Export Function. Four-Star Rating From Ziff-Davis Group.
CHNG15.ZIP 1,204,546 2011-02-14 I Ching Empower Tool V1.5 <Asp> - Ask The I
EGYPT40.ZIP 349,614 2011-02-14 349614 03-01-96 Egyptian Tarot Ver. 4.0 4.0 <Asp> Win Dos Egyptian Tarot Version 4.0. Esoteric Fortune Telling Card Game With Vga Graphics, Mouse And Sound Blaster Support. Completely Menu Driven. Prints Reports For Future Reference. Twenty-Two Spreads Supported. Was Ancient Egypt The Source Of The Modern Tarot? Alexander The Great Beleived In The Oracle Of Amon Located At Oasis Siwa. 2,300 Years Later, The Key To The Oracle Is Yours To Explore.
EGYPT40.ZIP 349,614 2011-02-14
FILES.DOS 17,816 2011-02-14
FILES.W95 876 2011-02-14
FILES.WIN 6,164 2011-02-14
FMLY3.ZIP 171,573 2011-02-14 171573 01-11-96 Fmly3 3.00 <Asp> Dos V3 <Asp> A Family Motivational Tutorial, Advocating Wholeness And Excellence For Families Everywhere. This Dos Base Program Works Best From A Hard Drive With Colour Monitor. Appx. 300k Unpacked. May Be Registered From Cis/swreg & Others Sources. Call Raymond Coche At 1-800-996-2252 For Information On Registering This Program Through The Internet. Reg_ For Us$15.95
FMLY3.ZIP 171,573 2011-02-14 V3 <Asp> A Family Motivational
FRONT310.ZIP 173,006 2011-02-14 Frontlets - Vga Bible Verse Screen Saver
FRONT310.ZIP 173,006 2011-02-14 173006 03-22-96 Frontlets 3.10 <Asp> Dos Frontlets Is An Attractive Vga, Dos Screen Saver With A Bible Theme. A Random Bible Verse Appears Every 10 Seconds In Large Hi- Resolution Graphics. Sure To Draw Attention! Includes A Setup/configuration Utility To Customize The Colors, Time Delay, And Password Protection.
FRONTW13.ZIP 339,840 2011-02-14
FRONTW13.ZIP 339,840 2011-02-14 339840 03-21-96 Kjdictionary 1.31 <Asp> Win Kjdictionary - Is The King James Version Of The Bible Full Of Hard, Difficult, Archaic Words? What Does "anon", "concupiscence" And "wist" Mean? This Dictionary Helps You Learn The Meaning Of Those Words. An Interesting Way To Learn More About This Classic Bible Version - The King James.
GOSPEL22.ZIP 231,391 2011-02-14 Gospel Parallels-Side By Side Nt Bible
GOSPEL22.ZIP 231,391 2011-02-14 231391 03-22-96 Gospel Parallels 2.20 <Asp> Dos Gospel Parallels Is A Side By Side N.t. Bible. All 4 Gospels Appear On Your Screen Side By Side For Easy Reading, Scrolling, Word Search And Studying. Includes A Notepad, Chronological Index & Instant Parallel Passage Matching. A Very Helpful Tool For The Serious Bible Student.
HAL110.ZIP 105,968 2011-02-14 Here A Little 1.1, Tetris/bible Game.
HAL110.ZIP 105,968 2011-02-14 105968 03-22-96 Here A Little, There A L 1.10 <Asp> Dos Here A Little, There A Little... Is A Tetris Style Bible Word Game That Requires Quick Thinking And Action. The Player Must Position The Falling Words Into A Bible Verse Before Time Expires. 2 Skills Levels Available. Attractive Vga Graphics. Challenging, Fun, Educational.
ISRAEL20.ZIP 92,015 2011-02-14 Israel/land Of Promise-History W/ Maps
ISRAEL20.ZIP 92,015 2011-02-14 92015 03-22-96 Israel - The Land Of Pro 2.00 <Asp> Dos Israel - The Land Of Promise - A Tour Through The Bible And The History Of Israel Using Maps, Graphics And Text. A Graphic Slide- Show. Requires Cga/ega/vga.
KBBLH120.ZIP 393,334 2011-02-14 393334 01-16-96 Kabbalah 1.20 <Asp> Dos Kabbalah: The Prophecy Of The Chariot V1.20 An Electronic Book That Traces The Origins Of The Kabbalah To Ancient Prophecies That Are Claimed To Have Been Partially Reproduced By The 16th Century Seer Michel Nostradamus. Theoretical In Nature But Providing Many New Insights Into The Kabbalah As Well As Into The Life And Work Of The Famous Seer. <Asp>
KBBLH120.ZIP 393,334 2011-02-14
KJDICT13.ZIP 394,146 2011-02-14
KJDICT13.ZIP 394,146 2011-02-14 394146 03-21-96 Kjdictionary 1.31 <Asp> Win Kjdictionary - Is The King James Version Of The Bible Full Of Hard, Difficult, Archaic Words? What Does "anon", "concupiscence" And "wist" Mean? This Dictionary Helps You Learn The Meaning Of Those Words. An Interesting Way To Learn More About This Classic Bible Version - The King James.
KJQ.ZIP 147,104 2011-02-14 King James Quest V3.3 \- A Ega Graphic Text
KJQ.ZIP 147,104 2011-02-14 147104 12-01-95 King James Quest 3.3 <Asp> Dos King James Quest V3.3 \- A Ega Graphic Text Game. Requires 512k Of Ram And Ega Monitor. This Is A Non-Fictional Text Adventure Game. The Player Plays The Role Of Moses, Joshua, Jesus And More ! Objects Are Found And They Must Be Used Like They Were In Bible Times. Do You Have The Courage Of Moses ? Or, How About Being There At The Ressurection !! Randall Alaimo, Member Asp.
KJV110.ZIP 199,357 2011-02-14 Kjvocabulary 1.10 King James Bible Quiz
KJV110.ZIP 199,357 2011-02-14 199357 03-22-96 Kjvocabulary 1.10 <Asp> Dos Kjvocabulary - Bible Quiz. Is The King James Version Full Of Hard, Archaic Words? Through A Quiz Interface You Can Learn The Meaning Of All Those Archaic Bible Words, Like "anon", "concupiscence". Includes A Handy Dictionary. An Interesting And Fun Way To Learn More About This Classic Bible Version - The King James.
MVERS341.ZIP 126,150 2011-02-14 Memory Verse 3.4 Bible Verse Helps
MVERS341.ZIP 126,150 2011-02-14 126150 03-22-96 Memory Verse 3.41 <Asp> Dos Memory Verse Is A Bible Tool That Assists You To Memorize Scripture Passages. The User Can Select From Approximately 350 Important Bible Passages, Or You Can Add New Verses Of Your Own. Verses Can Be Printed In Handy 2" X 4" Size For Easy Carrying In Your Pocket Or Wallet. Also Great For Touch-Typing Drills.
NDS2-5.ZIP 192,853 2011-02-14 V2.5 <Asp> Is A Motivational And
NDS2-5.ZIP 192,853 2011-02-14 192853 01-15-96 Nds2-5 2.50 <Asp> Dos V2.5 <Asp> Is A Motivational And Advocacy Tutorial Which Is Encouraging All People To Consider The Power Of The Eternal Creator For Meeting All Their Needs. This Dos Program Runs Better From A Hard Drive With A Colour Monitor. Requires Dos 3 Or Better. Appx. 350k Unpacked. Registers For Us$15.95 From Several Sources. Call Raymond Coche For Info On Registering It From The Internet. 1- 800-996-2252 Fax 610-667-2497
NT4W161.ZIP 683,869 2011-02-14 New Testament For Windows 1.61 <Asp>
NT4W161.ZIP 683,869 2011-02-14 683869 05-18-94 New Testament For Window 1.61 <Asp> Win New Testament For Windows 1.61 The Complete King James New Testament Text In An Easy-To-Use, 3-D Graphical User Interface. It Includes A Powerful Text Search, Maps, Timeline, Personal Notes Linked To The Scripture, Tutorial, Context Sensitive Help, And Hypertext Study Aids.
NWS1-5.ZIP 216,724 2011-02-14 V1.5 <Asp> A Motivational &
NWS1-5.ZIP 216,724 2011-02-14 216724 01-11-96 Nws1-5 1.50 <Asp> Dos V1.5 <Asp> A Motivational & Inspirational Tutorial Which Shows All, The Power Of Positive Information On The Mind. The Program Has Automated Commands Which Works With One Key Stroke. A Dos Program For Ibm & Compatibles. 350k Unpacked. Dos 3 Or Above. Registers For Us$24.95 At Cis & Elsewhere. Call Raymond: 1-800-996-2252 To Register It On The Internet.
OBJECT11.ZIP 75,896 2011-02-14 75896 10-15-95 Visual Illustrations 1.1 <Asp> Dos Visual Illustrations V1.1 <Asp> Dos Vga Ibm/compatible Computerized Book Of 10 Christian Object Lessons. Use These Lessons For Children's Worship, Sunday School, Youth Groups, Vacation Bible School, Camp, Sermon Starters/illustrations, Or Devotional Talks. The Things You Learn From This Book Will Give You Tools That You Can Use To Create Your Own Visual Effects And Teaching Tools.
OBJECT11.ZIP 75,896 2011-02-14 Visual Illustrations V1.1 <Asp> Dos Vga
PARABLES.ZIP 117,994 2011-02-14 Parables Of The Messiah - Hypertext
PARABLES.ZIP 117,994 2011-02-14 117994 03-23-96 Parables Of The Messiah 2.00 <Asp> Dos Parables Of The Messiah - A Hypertext Program That Focuses On The Parables Of Jesus, Through Poetry And Commentary Notes.
PDMEMB3J.ZIP 485,009 2011-02-14 Prodev*member V3.0j <Asp> Church
PDMEMB3J.ZIP 485,009 2011-02-14 485009 11-15-95 Prodevmember 3.0j <Asp> Dos Prodev*member V3.0j <Asp> Church Membership System Program And Documentation. Tracks Everything About Anyone Involverd With The Church, Giving & Attendance. Many Label Runs And Reports. Best Buy At $55.
PROVSO21.ZIP 135,604 2011-02-14 Proverbs Of Solomon - Bible Game/info
PROVSO21.ZIP 135,604 2011-02-14 135604 03-22-96 The Proverbs Of Solomon 2.10 <Asp> Dos The Proverbs Of Solomon Is A Menu-Driven Program That Tests And Increases One's Knowledge Of The Old Testament Book Of Proverbs. The Program Features 2 Different Interactive Quizzes That Challenge Your Memory, And Numerous Textual Commentaries (Resource Notes). Also Includes The Completetext To All 31 Chapters For Easy Viewing. Educational, Challenging, Fun.
QBIBLE12.ZIP 165,841 2011-02-14 Questions From The Bible - Q&a Quizzes
QBIBLE12.ZIP 165,841 2011-02-14 165841 03-22-96 Questions From The Bible 1.20 <Asp> Dos Questions From The Bible - An In-Depth Storehouse Of Questions Gathered From Old & New Testaments. Thousands Of Interesting Facts Are Presented As Questions In A Quiz- Like Environment, Prompting The User For The Correct Answers. The Questions Are Grouped Into Dozens Of Categories, From "word Meanings" To "geography Of The Bible". Educational And Fun!
RELIGION.BBS 23,104 2011-02-14
RIDER50.ZIP 965,452 2011-02-14 965452 03-01-96 Rider Tarot Version 5.0 5.0 <Asp> W95 Win Rider Tarot Version 5.0. Esoteric Fortune Telling Card Game With Vga Graphics, Mouse And Sound Blaster Support. Completely Menu Driven. Prints Reports For Future Reference. Uses The World's Most Popular Tarot Card Deck. Twenty-Two Ways To Play The Game And Explore The Tarot. Have The Computer Generate Your Spreads Or Use The Extensive Database And Your Personal Card Deck. Have A Tarot Reading Party!
RIDER50.ZIP 965,452 2011-02-14
RRTR20.ZIP 320,138 2011-02-14 320138 12-04-95 Ranger Tracker 2.0 <Asp> Dos Ranger Tracker V2.0 <Asp>- Is A Menu Driven Program Which Stores Information On The Youths And Adults Of An Outpost. The Program Will Generate Ranger And Commander Rosters As Well As A Roster Of Former Members; Three Different Types Of Mailing Labels; An Individual Record For Ranger Or Commander; And An Attendance Summary. Requires 500k Ram And A Hard Disk System. Shareware. Reg:$35.00
RRTR20.ZIP 320,138 2011-02-14 Ranger Tracker V2.0 <Asp>- Is A Menu Driven
SQ510.ZIP 163,787 2011-02-14 163787 03-23-96 Scripture Quest 5.10 <Asp> Dos Scripture Quest - An In-Depth Storehouse Of Questions Gathered From Old & New Testaments. Thousands Of Interesting Facts Are Presented As Questions In A Quiz-Like Environment, Prompting The User For The Correct Answers. Supports 1-9 Players. Play Against The Clock. Top Ten Score Chart. Great Way To Learn About The Bible. Very Attractively Done, And Challenging.
SQ510.ZIP 163,787 2011-02-14 Scripture Quest In-Depth Bible Q&a Game
SSP.ZIP 693,756 2011-02-14 Sunday School People V1.0 <Asp> A Fun
SSP.ZIP 693,756 2011-02-14 693756 11-30-95 Sunday School People 1.00 <Asp> Win Sunday School People V1.0 <Asp> A Fun Education Program That Teaches The People And Events Of The Bible. From The Basics/trivia. Special Animation Sequences, Plus Sound Card Support In The Beautiful Windows Environment Make This Program Unique. With A Special Talking Engine, This Program Talks The Actual Questions. Music Tracks Are Also Included. Req. Windows 3.1 Or Higher. (Windows Sound Driver Must Be
SUNDAY.ZIP 119,581 2011-02-14 Sunday School Colors V4.0 \- A Coloring Game
SUNDAY.ZIP 119,581 2011-02-14 119581 12-01-95 Sunday School Colors 4.0 <Asp> Dos Sunday School Colors V4.0 \- A Coloring Game For Kids. Needs Ega Or Vga Monitor And Mouse. Kids Have Fun With Coloring And Sound Effects While Learning Bible Truths. Soundblaster Sound Is Optional. If No Soundblaster Card Is Detected, Then The Pc Speaker Sound Alone Will Play. For Kids Ages 3 - 13. Randall Alaimo, Member Asp.
VINE410.ZIP 118,921 2011-02-14 118921 03-23-96 The Grape Vine 4.10 <Asp> Dos The Grape Vine - A Delightfully Challenging Bible Word Game. Very Similar In Play To "wheel Of Fortune" And "hangman", But Now With A New Twist! Uncover The Missing Letters To A Bible Phrase Before The Grapes Turn To Raisins! Requires Hard Disk, Ega/vga.
VINE410.ZIP 118,921 2011-02-14 Grape Vine 4.1 Colorful Ega Bible Game
WITBTL21.ZIP 830,548 2011-02-14 Who Were The Kings Of Israel And Judah When
WITBTL21.ZIP 830,548 2011-02-14 830548 04-10-96 * Bible Timeline Forwindow 2.1 <Asp> Win Who Were The Kings Of Israel And Judah When The Iliad Was Written? What Biblical Leaders Were Alive When The First Olympic Games Were Held? You Can Modify Or Expand The Datasets. Witbtl Is Useful For Sermon Research, Bible, History And Art Students, Teachers, Or Anyone Interested In Exploring Historical Relations Or Cultural Events. Now Adds Zooming And Scrollable Maps, Photos