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ASA57C.ZIP 569,916 2011-02-14 569916 11-21-95 As-Easy-As Spreadsheet 5.70 <Asp> Dos As-Easy-As: The Extraordinary Spreadsheet! Latest Version Of The Shareware Industry Award Winner For "best Application, 1992" Packed With Dozens Of New Features! Linear Programming, Multivariate Regression; External User Functions; 3d Graphics... And Standard Features Like .wks & Wk1 File Compatibility; Hundreds Of Math, Financial, & Stat Functions, Dbase Interface; Matrix Operations; And More...
ASA57C.ZIP 569,916 2011-02-14 As-Easy-As: The Extraordinary Spreadsheet!
FILES.DOS 4,486 2011-02-14
FILES.W95 542 2011-02-14
FILES.WIN 1,645 2011-02-14
FUNCMAGC.ZIP 902,511 2011-02-14
FUNCMAGC.ZIP 902,511 2011-02-14 902511 01-09-95 Functionmagic 1.1 <Asp> Win Functionmagic Version 1.1 <Asp> Is A New And Powerful Interface For Using The Functions In Lotus 1-2-3 4.01&5.0 For Windows 3.1. Using A Native Window Interface Of Dialog Boxes, Check, Command And Radio Buttons, The User Can Apply Lotus Functions On Columns Of Data Without Having To Know The Exact Syntax. Help Is One Mouse Click Away. To Install The Program, Unzip This File Into A New Directory
GRAPHM21.ZIP 92,927 2011-02-14 Graphmat V2.1 <Asp>-Spreadsheet Graph Macros
GRAPHM21.ZIP 92,927 2011-02-14 92927 09-08-95 Graphmat 2.10 <Asp> Dos Graphmat V2.1 <Asp>-Spreadsheet Graph Macros & Templates For Lotus 123, Excel, Quattropro, As-Easy-As, Or Compatible Program. Perform Linear, Non-Linear, And Multiple Regression, Fit Data To Curve, Plot Function, Solve Simultaneous Equations, Transform, Display And Overlay Signals. User-Friendly, Menu Driven Interface And Practical Documentation. Designed For Scientific But Useful In Business Or
INA185.ZIP 185,031 2011-02-14 185031 12-28-95 I'm No Accountant (Tm) 1.85 <Asp> Dos I'm No Accountant (Tm) Workbooks For Excel Perform Single Entry Accounting With Dialog Based Payments, Income, And Salary Transactions. Transactions May Be Queried By Account Name And/or Date Range. Account Management, Checkbook Reconciliation, And Report Printing Are Directed Through Dialog Screens. Ledger Posting Is Automatic. The Workbooks Include Comprehensive Windows Help Files.
INA185.ZIP 185,031 2011-02-14
JOUR167.ZIP 74,352 2011-02-14 74352 03-30-95 I'm No Accountant (Tm) 1.67 <Asp> Dos I'm No Accountant (Tm) Templates For Lotus 1- 2-3 V2.3 Or Later Perform Single Entry Accounting With Dialog Screens For Payments, Income, And Salaries. Transactions May Be Queried By Account Name And/or Date Range. Dialog Screens Coordinate Account Management, Checkbook Reconciliation, And Report Printing. Transactions Are Summarized By Category. Help Screens Are Provided.
JOUR167.ZIP 74,352 2011-02-14 I'm No Accountant (Tm) Templates For Lotus 1
OBMAN109.ZIP 84,926 2011-02-14 Objectives Manager Workbook For Excel 5.0 And
OBMAN109.ZIP 84,926 2011-02-14 84926 12-28-95 Objectives Manager 1.09 <Asp> Dos Objectives Manager Workbook For Excel 5.0 And 7.0 With Dialog Screens To Add, Delete, Select, Rank And Print Goals Or Objectives With Deadlines. Each Objective May Have Action Items That Are Open, Achieved, Or Deferred. Landscape Printouts Make An Impressive Record Of Major Milestones Leading To Reach Your Objectives. Context Sensitive Windows Help And On-Line Documentation Are Included.
SPREADSH.BBS 6,673 2011-02-14
TECHNIQU.ZIP 875,424 2011-02-14 875424 10-06-94 Super Power Macros <Asp> Dos Super Power Macros Book On Lotus 123 Macro Programming
TECHNIQU.ZIP 875,424 2011-02-14
TI123W.ZIP 410,801 2011-02-14 Total Investor (Ti) Is A Portfolio Management
TI123W.ZIP 410,801 2011-02-14 410801 08-23-95 Total Investor 3.0 <Asp> Win Total Investor (Ti) Is A Portfolio Management And Charting Program For Use With 1-2-3 For Windows (V4.x And Greater). Ti Tracks Securities And Transactions, Charts Stocks, And Aids Trading Decisions With A Wide Array Of Technical Indicators. Includes Built In Updating From America Online, Prodigy, And Compuserve. Total Investor Is Shareware ($49). <Asp> Member.
TNTALL.ZIP 1,219,554 2011-02-14 1219554 01-21-96 Track-N-Trend 3.0 <Asp> W95 Track-N-Trend 3.0 If You Need To Track Financials, Sales, Inventory Or Production - This Is A Must Have Application - That Includes: Tracking, Projections, Formulas, Graphs, Reports, And Much More. **** Rating From Ziff-Davis Asp Approved
TNTALL.ZIP 1,219,554 2011-02-14