SNES Unoffical X-Band FAQ 1.0


Tired of beating up your brothers and sisters, friends and their friends and their friends? Well now you can play people from all over the U.S,with the X-Band Modem! This allows you to play your favorite game against opponents all the way across the country! Read On for more info. Also look for the Genesis and PC ( coming soon ) X Bands. This FAQ also applies to the Genesis X Band but the button controls may be different,but they should be the same.


I. Startup


2.Account Info


4.Other startup info


6.Local or Nationwide?

7.Modem connection


1.Code Name



4.Personal Info


III.Using your Modem

1.Phone Line

2.Pass-through mode

3.Card Slot



1.Random Opponent

2.Specific Opponent


4.Opponent found!


6.When you are done

V.Mortal Kombat 2

1.Player 1 or 2?




VI.Super Street Fighter 2

1.Player 1 or 2?




VII.Madden NFL '95

1.Player 1 or 2?



4.Play Time?


1.Player 1 or 2?



4.Play Time?

IX.NHL '95

1.Player 1 or 2?



4.Play Time?

X.Other Games


1.What is "X Mail"?

2.Using "Keyboard"

3.Sending Mail

4.Recieving Mail

5.Other Mailing Info



2.X-Band News



2.Point System

XIV.People on X-Band


2.Time to look for players



2.Phone Setup

3.Music Setup

4.Account Info

5.Player ID

XVI.Coming Soon

XVII.Other Stuff



************WARNING:READ ALL BEFORE PURCHASING****************


1.Buying.-An X Band Video Game Modem can cost anywhere from 20.00 to 70.00 dollars,depending where it is bought. Presently,Blockbuster Video sells it for 20.00 while Toys R Us,a toy store, sells it for 70.00! ( Wow,what a difference! ). I STRONGLY suggest seeking out a Blockbuster and get one before they are gone! Normally, I have heard it usually at 30.00.

2.Account Info-To use this device,you must call 1-800-X4-XBAND ( 1-800-949-2263 ) to set up your account. You will need your name and address,number for modem and your home number.and payment info.Also,if you want local or nationwide service and profanity filter.

3.Payment-There are two ways to pay: credit card and checking. Credit Card is easier;just have your number and expiration date handy.Your account will them be ready 30 minutes after you give all info.For checking,after setting up, you must MAIL in a check for the first 5 ( yes 5! ) months,then you can start using it. There are two types of payment: for 50 credits a month or unlimited credits. 50 credits is 4.95 a month with each additional credit 15 cents or unlimited for 9.95 a month ( that's for credit cards ). For checking, it is just 5 months coupled togther 25.75 for 250 credits over the 5 month period or 49.75 for the unlimited. Oh yeah, your 1st month is Free!

4.Other Startup Info-You can set "Parental" Options for your account. The Profanity Filter "filters out the cussin'". Limits on credit usage are available. You can also limit what times you can use your X Band.Also,there is a one time setup charge of 2.95 when you first start.

5.Credits-Credits are used for playing and checking mail. When checking mail, a credit is taken away. When playing one credit is charging you can play as many sets as you want without being charged. You are only charged when you connect to the opponent. You are NOT charged when the system's player search finds no one.

6.Local or Nationwide?-Local only allows you to play opponents in your local calling area,defined by your phone company.Local just costs the phone call. Nationwide is EXTREMELY expensive. 3.95 an hour PLUS long distance phone charges! OUCH. It's your decision.

7.Modem Connection-OK....1.Stick the modem in the SNES.2.Plug in COMPATIBLE game.3.Plug in Phone cord.4.Put switch on side in down position.5.Turn on system! You are ready to start but your player ID is needed.......see section II!


1.Code Name-Code names are screen names,essentially.At this time,X-Banders are not that great in number. This means names are available WITHOUT numbers. So, want to be a game character? Without a number? There's a good chance you can! I have Strago ( of Final Fantasy 3 ) without numbers! Name resurrection IS possible. Your name can have over 15 letters and numbers and even punctuation!You can have 4 code names.

2.Character-Unlike AOL,each name has to have a picture with it.You can cycle through the pictures by pressing left and right ( not the buttons ) and to change colors press up and down. Any picture can be used by more than one person.

3.Taunt-This is what you want to be said at the matchup screen.

4.Personal Info-Uhhhh...your X-Band profile.

5.Password-This password is made by pressing the A,B,X,Y buttons in a pattern set by you.It can be 8 buttons long.This password has to be set after making your first player,it won't prompt you for it after you setup.This password is needed each time you choose a character.

III.Using your Modem

1.Phone Line-Two ways to go here-Keep a phone line free by getting a jack splitter or just plug it in the wall.Of course the splitter would only be good for call waiting.

2.Pass-through mode-You can toggle this function using the switch on the side.This allows you to play a game without taking the game out. But be warned,the game moves slowly using this.When it is down,it just goes to X Band mode.

3.Card Slot-Allows XBand credit cards to give extra credits. Totally pointless if you have unlimited credits.

4.Games-The games available are Mortal Kombat 2,Super Street Fighter,NBA Jam TE,NHL 95,and Madden '95. More to come,such as Mortal Kombat 3 and Ken Griffey Baseball.


1.Random Opponents-With the X-Band on and your character and account set up,choose challenge and select YES and wait.You will see the Bandwidth newsletter and in a few seconds,you'll be registered to play! The X-Band will try to find you an opponent in 10 minutes. If one is found,you will be connected to each other and you will be charged a credit. If not,you will be disconnected and not charged a credit.

2.Specific Opponents-To do this,you need a name on your play list.Then just highlight the name and choose PLAY,and the normal opponent search,but searching for that opponent.

3.Waiting-You can do everything but send mail and changing your character and your character info while waiting the 10 minutes for an opponent or longer if you change the settings. You can also play a game of the game you have in the modem while waiting.

4.Opponent Found!-When an opponent is found,you will hear a phone ring,and a screen will come up with the X Band logo and either DIALING "(the name of opponent)" or Answering Phone...... The way to tell which screen you get depends if you were waiting or an opponent was found IMMEDIATELY after registering.For the latter possiblity you will get the DIALING message.Either way it will say Connecting.... and then go to the matchup screen. Here your :name,taunt,hometown,picture:and the points the match is worth will be displayed. Then it will go into the game.

5.Chatting-To chat,at the matchup screen,press UP UP UP.If BOTH players pressed it ( you'll hear a sound ),you will chat,otherwise you will go into game play.To chat is the same way as AOL except your opponent can see what you type AS you type it.When done,choose DONE to start playing.

6.When you are done-When you are finished playing the set,you will be prompted to play again. Both players must choose yes to continue playing or choose no to end it.If the opponent is NOT on your player list,it will ask you if you want him/her to be on the list.If you choose not to play,you will be disconnected and back at the main menu.Choosing yes will not charge a credit.

V.Mortal Kombat 2

1.Player 1 or 2?-If you got the message " DIALING",you are player 2,if not you are player 1.

2.Adjustments-The system fast fowards through the title screen and the big dragon symobol to the select screen.This means no fixing the matches by using those bars in OPTIONS.No continue screen either.

3.Restrictions-No Random Select :( , No One Hit Kill Kode :\

4.Play Time?-You play the normal 2 out of 3 rounds for a win with 3 out of 5 wins wins the set. Draws are possible but very rare. If that happens,it goes to another match.

VI.Super Street Fighter 2

1.Player 1 or 2?-Same as Mortal Kombat 2 player setup.

2.Adjustments-Fast Fowards through opening.

3.Restrictions-No handicap or background select.

4.Play Time?-Exactly the same as MK2.

VII.Madden NFL '95

1.Player 1 or 2?-Same as Mortal Kombat 2 player setup.

2.Adjustments-Unknown at time of writing.

3.Restrictions-Unknown at time of writing

4.Play Time-One full game with overtime if necessary.


1.Player 1 or 2?-Same as Mortal Kombat 2 player setup.

2.Adjustments-Fast Fowarding through opening,???

3.Restrictions-No Cheat Codes

4.Play Time?-One whole game with overtime if necessary.

IX.NHL '95

1.Player 1 or 2?-Same as Mortal Kombat 2 player setup.

2.Adjustments-Unknown at time of writing.

3.Restrictions-Unknown at time of writing.

4.Play Time?-One whole game with overtime if necessary.

X.Other Games-Mortal Kombat 3,WeaponLord,Killer Instinct(YES!!!),Super Mario Kart(Double YES!!!) and Ken Griffey Baseball are coming soon and the maze game is ,at the main menu (Challenge,Player list,etc), Down,Down,Left,Left,Right,B.It is 1 or 2 player.


1.What is "X Mail"?-It's E-mail X Banded. It can be used to send mail to anyone who has a mailing address.

2.Using "Keyboard"-Using this will make you wish a keyboard was packed with the game(the keyboard IS coming in September,hopefully,but you know company set backs :P).It is a onscreen keyboard that is controlled with your control pad. Move the directions to move the cursor and use B or A to select a letter,symbol,number or a command. Y and X make a space in your writing. L deletes the last thing typed and R switches between lower cases and upper cases. Cancel cancels the thing you are working on and Done will save what you typed. WARNING-With mail,choosing Done will save the mail for delivery when you connect and you CANNOT edit it. This means you can't change your mind about sending the letter once it's saved.

3.Sending Mail-Once you have finished writing the mail, choose Done and the modem will tell how many letters are waiting to be sent. To send without playing choose CONNECT from the Mail Menu. This will send and collect mail ONLY. If you want to play AND send mail choose either Challenge ,from the main menu, or Play from the Player List menu. You cannot send the same letter to multiple names (i.e. NO mailing lists). And no fowarding either.

4.Receiving Mail-Just connect in any way to collect mail. When you open a letter you will see: 1)Their picture 2)Their Name 3)Their town (if mailed through InterNet,the town will be Internet) 4)Date when sent 5)Their message and the choice of deleting the letter or replying. Letters must be deleted to make space. Your mail box can hold unlimited mail (?). If the screen fills up,the remaining mail will be collected the next time the mailbox has room for them.

5.Other Mailing Info-For Internet address,it works the same as AOL. But for YOUR Internet address,mail someone you know who is NOT on X Band ( Someone on AOL,Compuserve,etc) and have them mail back what was in the FROM: box. Your address is something like this: U_(Insert #s here) The #s determine who are.


1.BandWidth-This is a non X Band newspaper.It will tell you little bits of the daily news like new video game releases and sport results. Usually 6 to 10 pages. Cycle through them by pressing left and right on the control pad.

2.X Band News-News about X Band such as clubs,new games,and system updates.Usually 5 to 10 pages. For clubs to be posted , you must have more than 5 members,a club name,a leader,a motto and games played mailed to XBand. It takes a good 2 months to get your club posted :P.


1.Levels-To see your stats,on the main menu,choose STATS. Depending on how many games you use for X Band,you can cycle through your rating on each game. This screen tells you how many points you have,your level,how many points until next level,and what the next level is. Pressing UP will show how many points you have for and against you (?). Pressing DOWN will show how many total wins and loses you have. Here is a scale of levels and the point values for each level and the points needed for the next level:

1)White Belt-1-2

2)Yellow Stripe-1-3

3)Yellow Belt-1-5

4)Orange Stripe-2-10

5)Orange Belt-3-30

6)Green Stripe-5-50

7)Green Belt-5?-?

8)Blue Stripe-?-?

9)Blue Belt-?-?

10)Purple Stripe-?-? } May not

11)Purple Belt-?-? } exist

12)Red Stripe-?-?

13)Red Belt-?-?

May be more before Black and after Red

14)Black Stripe-?-?

15)Black Belt-?-?


17)Sensei-?-? ( Final Level???)

2.Point System-Your points increase as you build levels,so essentially at some levels you will have to win the same amount of matches to build a level. NOTE: a friend has told me that you need 75 to make Red Stripe.

XIV.People on X Band

1.Players-Depending where you live,the more players you will find.

2.Time to look for players-All times are good but the afternoon and evening are best. The morning and early AM are low times.


1.X Band Setup-You can change between Local and NationWide,choose wait time( for opponent),to accept player list challenges,and keyboard type (QWERTY or ABC).

2.Phone Setup-You can choose type of phone signals(Tone or Pulse),dialing prefix,call waiting, and number you're dialing from.

3.Sound Setup-You can choose music to be on or off,to hear the phone signals , between Stereo and Mono speakers, and to random or fixed soundtrack.

4.Account Info-This tells you your challenge area , hours of play , credits used , credits left , and if you are using a XBand credit card.

5.Player Info-See section II of this FAQ

XVI.Coming Soon-A keyboard,more games,the credit cards,and more options.

XVII.Other Stuff- Not much else to say.

XVIII.Addresses-X band's address-X-Band Customer Support

P.O. 2006

Cupertino,CA 95015-2006


Me!Me!Me!-D the WHOLE thing

Mr. Bob Backland.-(on XBand)-for new game info

Catapult (TM)-for making this FAQ possible

Boyality-( on XBand )-for Maze game code

Report all errors to me so I can fix the later. More info on the the other sports games later since only about 10% of the players on X Band use these games. Laterz...

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