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I find that James M. Egelhof's document <URL:> on your service violates two of your online rules as stated in <URL:>. Specifically, your rules state that users may not:

>Harass users, either via email or talk/write.
> An example would be if you send email to
> a user that that user finds
> disturbing/offensive, etc. ....

Both as an internet user and as an AOL employee, I find his web page to be offensive and disturbing. Because Mr. Egelhof has chosen to use a non-interactive medium to express his opinions, he is not providing an avenue for an AOL response to these allegations, and thus his communication can be considered harassment.

Your rules also state that users may not:

>Use the system to distribute and/or store illegal
>copies of commercial software.

The use of AOL online art in this site is extensive.

Please remove the graphics on these pages from your web server as soon as possible to avoid potential legal action. I am currently contacting our legal department to determine if they would consider Mr. Egelhof's opinions to be libelous and to discover precedents for legal action in this medium.

Thank you,
Jason Mitchell
AOL Services

James Egelhof
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