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00_index.htm     Index of files in this directory        1-KEY 1.0: DOS Utility     Convert 1.44MB Diskettes to 1.968MB Disks       16550 UART Control Program 1.0     OnePass 1.55 DOS floppy disk copier utility.
2000.exe         Year 2000 PC Test - Will your computer survive the date?       2COL 9.5: DOS Compressed print utility.         2M v3.0 Floppy Disk formatter!       3COM Etherdisk 5.0 for the 3C5x9 Etherlink III NIC LAN Cards.     3_Drives 2.6 Universal Device Driver       Canon Bubble Jet Windows 96 Printer Drivers      4DOS 6.00 (Release B 109): July 1997 Update     4_Drive Utilities 1.0: IDE Inquiry Utility       4 PRINT 2.20 HP Laserjet Multiple File Printing Utility DEMO.     3 16550 UART Utils that test the presence of 16550 UARTS
56xwin95.exe     Panasonic CD ROM Drivers for Windows 95.       3COM Ethernet LAN Card Drivers/Helps.        Easy Menu. DOS Menu Program for Color and Mono.      DOS-BASED Clock/Alarm Clock Programs with Docs.     ABMenu 1.6: Stay-in-DOS program menu & drive/directory hopper       AccSys 1.0: Security Shield for Fixed Disk DOS Systems. Requires login name         Acid Warp DOS SCREEN SAVER.     Acid Warp 4.06: DOS Screen Saver       AddMem.COM: A Memory resident TSR util that uses avail. video RAM as regula     AddMem 2.05: DOS Memory Resident TSR utility that adds 96K more conventiona     agSI 1.1.3: DOS SystemInfo tool with dozens of items of info about hardware         Artifically Intelligent Command Line Interface 2.0: A Memory Resident (TSR)     Alarm 1.02: DOS based TSR alarm clock to remind you of up to 100 important     Text file on the AMI BIOS from Compu$erve Setup options, troubleshooting        ANSI Macro Maker 3.0: FREEWARE DOS hot keys/DOS keyboard macro maker. BUG F      AMOS 1.11: DOS-program for OS/2 users Gives easy access to HPFS-formatted       Print Codes as You Want 3.0 for Windows 3.1. Requires VBRUN300.DLL (Not       Aquarium 1.045: DOS Screen saver that simulates an aquarium with fish. You      Aquarium: Old DOS Screen Saver.         Argh!! Harmless DOS prank program that will frustrate your fellow workers,     AutoMatic Screen Speech Access Progm March 13th 1995 Update.       DOS Screen Saver with curved 'straight lines.     ASM Digital Disk 1.00d for DOS: Lets you see your hard disk working on scre        Sony IDE CD-Rom drivers for DOS/WIN. Also includes CORELCDX replacement for     Autocon 2.0: Autoexec.bat and Config.sys manager that keeps up to 50      AutoRun (1-1-92): Run DOS applications ONCE A DAY with this AUTOEXEC utilit     AutoScript 2.0: A TSR which "records" & "plays" scripts in background. Reco     Back Soon 2.0: DOS Screen saver utility that takes messages. Displays scrol       BAD 2.02 Disk utility that searches a disk for files that match a user-supp      BagKeys v1F: DOS Util that captures keyboard strokes and logs them to a fil     Bannerific 1.0: DOS Banner creation utility.          Provides a bar graph depicting used and available space on a Hard Disk or      BarCode Generator: Create your own Barcodes! Requires a decent printer.
bartprmt.arj     Make your DOS prompt look like Bart Simpson.     BATPOWER FAQ: Batch file hints/tips. May 96.     BAT2EXE 1.5: Compiles batch files into executable files to make them faster     Batch Man 1.0: 48 Batch File Enhancement Utilities in one.     BatMnu 2.2: Batch File DOS Menuing System      Batch Wait: Allows a countdown for quitting a batch file with a specified e     BBSComp 2.0: Compares a listing of YOUR PC's files with any BBS's Allfiles       Beavis & Butthead DOS Screen Saver      Binary File Editor 2.6: Full Screen File Editor for binary or text files.        Bells 1.0: Changes the standard IBM Bell to any sound or song you specify.       Batch Enhancer 3.00: Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, directory controls a      PC Magazine's Laboratory Benchmark Series 5.5     DOS System Benchmark Utility by Roger Stanton     Background Diskette Formatter 1.51 Allows you to do other tasks while your       Big Brother 1.0: A TSR memory resident utility that keeps a log of all your       BIGLET: A DOS utility that lets you leave messages on your screen for famil      Startdate.COM 2.03s: TSR Clock Display utility that runs in the background     BLANK-IT 5.1b: Memory Resident DOS Screen Saver. Will black out the display      BlankOp v.1F: Hardware independent DOS Screen saver program for IBM compati      Booklet 4.10: Landscape Mode Print Utility for printing text in booklet for     BOOKFORM: Prints your docs like a book. Prints ASCII doc & txt files in      BOOT.SYS 2.01: Heavy-duty Config.sys manager. Gives you one or more boot me
bootup.lzh       Add to AUTOEXEC file, it gives you a friendly system summary at bootup.  Ju       Boot_B Creates a new boot sector for a disk in drive A: so that it can be         Both: Printer utility for printing on both sides of your paper.       A Collection of Microsoft Quickbasic Compilers [Runtimes: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 & 4       Bug Zapping DOS Screen Saver.     George Bush DOS Screen Saver.      Back & Forth 1.47: DOS Task Switcher/ Program Management Tool. Instantly lo     Call Date will show you todays date in this format Thu 29-Jul-1993 also Sou      Calculator 1.0 Memory resident calculator (TSR) that only takes up approx.        CAT 3.0: Replacement for the DOS "DIR" command that provids centered listin
cd740d.exe       Rick Hillier's Cat Disk 7.40D: DPMI compliant version which runs in protect      Disk Catalog Syst/CATDISK 9.02 for DOS [1/2] Standard in disk catalog syste      Disk Catalog Syst/CATDISK 9.02 for DOS [2/2]         Add color to the DOS "dir" command. Quick.     CD Label 1.0 for Windows: Label printing utility for CD Jewel Boxes.     CD-QUICK Cache 1.20: Improves performance of any CD-ROM drive by storing      CGAClock 1.20: DOS Large Letter CGA Clock with Alarm, Stopwatch & Timer mod       CHeap ASseMbler 4.0: Converts programs to a .COM format.     CitPrint 1.0: A Printer Emulation program for Citizen 5200 and 5800 series       CleanFL 1.52: Computer utility that makes the task of cleaning floppy drive     Clinton:VGA DOS-based backwards running clock in honor of the Clinton     ClipCap 1.41 and ClipRead 1.01: DOS utils that copy standard DOS output to
clock.exe        A DOS Clock Device Driver Replaces the internal clock for any version of DO      Compute CRC16 and CRC32. Written in 386 and 8088 ASM for maximum performanc       CMOS 1.4: Restores your original CMOS settings should they be lost.     Save, verify, and restore CMOS settings. Don't let battery failure destroy          Change, Make, Remove Directories. 3 DOS commands in one.        Adds color to your DOS prompt. Req: ANSI.SYS to be loaded in Autoexec.bat      Color 1.0: Easily changes your text colors via ANSI at a DOS prompt.     COLORDOS v1.52 : Generates a unique prompt drive letter color & a     COMMCHK 1.5: Serial Protocol Analizer.     COMHelp 1.5: COM PORT DOS Utility that helps you read and write comm parame     InfoPLus 1.45: DOS System Information Utility     PC-CONFIG 8.20: DOS Utility that detects all the hardware in your PC and sh         DOS Screensaver of cows flying across your screen. Soundblaster support.        CP 1.02: DOS Utility that replacees the DOS 6.x choice prompt. For use with     CPU Booster: DOS Utility that gives you from 60% to to 100% CPU improvement     Critter 1.31A: Replacement for the DOS critical error handler. Uses a TSR       Cryptonite 2.0: DOS text file encryption util which allows you to encode yo       Crystal 1.3: VGA DOS Screen Saver.     CTS SERIAL PORT UTILITIES 3.4: PortInfo util. Detect Com Port conflicts, IR       CurSet & CurEdit 3.5: DOS TSR <10K that changes your standard DOS prompt in     Logitech Cyberman Mouse Drivers 6.31E 6DMPC     TSR Memory Resident Cyrillic DOS Font!            DOS Directory enhancement utility. Type "D" instead of "dir".  Very Nice.       Dazzle 5.2: DOS 2 Dimensional Multimedia Screen Saver that shows a cool       Data Balloon 1.0: DOS Utility that allows you to fully fill your floppy dis       DBFast DEMO. System Diagnostic and file analysis program. Requires 2.5 MEG.      Desperado Boot 1.O.1: .9k TSR that does the EXACT same thing as QEMM 7.50's        Disk Commander 1.20: FULL Hard Drive utility, ZIP/ARC/ARJ/LZH support,        DISK COPY FAST 5.1: Powerful 1-pass diskette duplication utility. VERY fast       DCMenu 1.0: Graphical User Inferface DOS Menu Shell for simplifing the        DD 4.07: DOS "DIR" Command Replacement FULLY FUNCTIONAL Shareware! Featured      DDEL: DOS directory deletion utility that allows file exclusion, deletion o     DOS Dupe 2.10: Floppy Disk Duplication Utility. Reads a Disk's contents int      Deception 1.0: Halts whatever program you are running and displays any scre     DEEP THOUGHTS by Jack Handey every time you boot-up your computer!      DELETE FREE: Save your hard drive space with the amazing utility! Comes wit      PC911 Demo: DOS utility for detecting changes in system enviroments. This w       DISKFREE for DOS. DOS Util showing available diskspace.        DFF 1.0: Duplicate File Finder. Free DOS util that scans one or more drives       Direct Access 5.1: DOS Menu Tool.       Disk Exerciser: Burn in a new hard disk or fail a bad one.     Collection of fake DOS utilities that include: Volapuk - makes it look like     Procon 1.0: Turn your PC into a computer control center by controlling thin     DiskEdit 1.02: The BEST & MOST powerful hex, file & disk sector editor arou     DISKFREE: Small DOS utility that shows your available disk space on any dri     DISKINDX 2.11: Floppy Diskette Indexer & Cataloger: Fast, straight forward,     Tells you Bytes on disk & Bytes free & Bytes Occupied also nice small progr      DIZem 2.1: Generates & edits file .DIZ descriptions for zipped files. Requi       DeskJet Envelope Print Utility 3.0: Prints your envelopes on a DeskJet Prin        Desk Jet Manager 1.0: Replacement for the control panel on Deskjet series.     DeskJet Floppy Storage Sleeve Print Util 2.0. Print on your Floppy Storage     DataLOCK Fat 1.0a: Floppy Disk Protection System. Encrypt 360k, 720k, 1.2M,        Directory List Program 1.0: Lists files in a directory or only the duplicat       DLS 3.10 Floppy Diskette Lable Printing Utility. Reads the root & subdirect       DaMenu 2.01: Premier DOS Menu Program. A truly easy to use DOS menu for     DOS Navigator 1.42 BUILD 002 [Pt 1 of 3]: Powerful DOS Shell with     DOS Navigator 1.42 BUILD 002 [STUFF Pt. 2 of 3]: 21 day evaluation.     DOS Navigator 1.42 BUILD 002 [RUSSIAN Pt. 3 of 3]: National language interf     DODIZ 1.01: Creates File_id.diz Desc.sdi File.BBS. Will also Up-Date Archiv       Disk Organizer 3.16: Organize and Defragment Harddisks       DOS4GW v1.95 Protected Mode Runtime
dos62sp.exe      DOS 6.22 Supplemental Utilities.      DOSCMD 1.02: Small DOS utility that can be added to batch files to execute      Text file about Undocumented and obscure features found in various versions      EMS-DOS Editor 0.9.019: EDIT.COM replace- ment utility from Microsoft. Load     DOS Improvement Series Volume I.     SLOW DOS: Simple program that slows down your cpu speed to run old games th     DOSMax 1.5 and FreeLoad 1.5: DOS Lower Memory maximizers. Frees up lower me     DOSmenu 7.3: DOS File Management Menu System for Novell Networks or Standal     Collection of humorous & harmless DOS pranks.
dosqu.exe        DOSque: Simple DOS Command Queue System for both Network & DOS Enviroments.       DOS Prompt Designer 2.0: Design/save own colorful DOS prompts. FREE       Utility that lists all the drives in your system, including network drives.      Drive Rocket Data Accelleration Test to see if your hard disk's performance        PC Magazine's DSCAN 1.0: Disk Scanning Utility. NO DOCUMENTATION.     DESIGN SHELL 6.0b [Part 1 of 2] Icon Based Menuing System. Complete Graphic     DESIGN SHELL 6.0b [Part 2 of 2]       Microsoft Workgroup Connection for DOS [1/2]: Will allow DOS machines with       Microsoft Workgroup Connection for DOS [2/2]     Disk Factory 2.2: DOS utility that makes copies of you master disks.           Date and Time for DOS: Colorized Time and Date utility. Dosen't take hardly     DualTools/DualFile 1.3s: DOS Shell utility for manipulation of files.     AREACODE Finder & PCX2RAW 2.24: Duel pack from Digital Software. DOSbased      DumpIcon 1.1: Print your Windows Icon files on a HP LaserJet Printer.      Magnum 1.01: Large Hard Drive Duplicate File Finder Utility ofr IBM AT's &     DiskWaste 1.00: DOS Utility shows amount of disk space wasted by small file     EASYMENU 1.0: DOS Menuing System for File Maintenance. GREAT for laptop      Easy Net Local Area Peer to Peer Computer Network Program. Allows you to       Screen Eating DOS TSR Utility. Clears the screen with little bugs that fly
edit!      EdIt! 1.1: A fast, windowed, mouseable replacement for DOS's EDIT command.     Official patch for MS-DOS 6.0's EDIT.COM Make the default file list in the       EDIZ 1.0: Extraction utility that allows you to extract the FILE_ID.DIZ fro         Text file of all known "Easter Eggs". A easter egg is a little or unknown p         Easy Install 6.0: A Self Installing Distribution Disk Maker. Makes compress       Elements 2.0: DOS psychedelic eye-candy graphical program that features: ra      EMS40.SYS version 1.1 (bug-fix update): This is a device driver that conver      EMUL87 v1.01b: math co-processor emulator Useful for many graphics programs      Encrypt-It for DOS 1.xx: DOS file encryption utility to code or decode file      Enter-Ease 1.1: File Manager/DOS Shell Monitor, Grapher, Viewer & Financial       Print Envelope 3.00 for Windows: Any size envelopes any size labels on any         Automatic Envelope Addressing 2.0: Word Processor Envelope util that simpli     ESPShell 1.60beta: A smart DOS Shell capable of detecting carrier on a sepc     ElfTree 1E0D: File, Directory, DOS Application Manager. Requires EGA/VGA, D      EXE2DEBUG: Debug script that assembles a program that will take apart EXE o
exec33b.lzh      An "EXEC" Function with Memory SWAP 3.3b: This file contains sources for an     Explosiv 3.0 for DOS or Windows: Screen saver that addresses all DOS(R) and          EYE Dos Screensaver: Turns your computer screen into a eyeball that moves     EZYMAT 2.1 Floppy Diskette Format Utility       EZBOOTER 2.0: Simple multi-reboot DOS utility that offers 9 different autoe      EZLabel 1.0 for Windows: Label Print Util       FaKey 1.0: Phantom Keyboard typist. Fakes keyboard input in your Batch file         AutoConfiguration Processes for the upcoming QIC Hard Disk Diagnostic and      Fantasy 1.0: VGA DOS Screensaver similar to DAZZLE in appearance. NOT a TSR      Text file on using 16550 serial ports. Includes several utility programs fo      FILL.EXE 6.01: DOS utility designed to move files to floppy diskettes, taki     FindHid 1.1: DOS utility that finds hidden files/directories.       FIPS 1.0:First nondestructive Interactive Partition Splitting program. Spli         DOS Screen Saver that puts "Fire" at the bottom of your screen. Will also t     ES FileCat 3.5: Fantastic program for keeping track of compressed files. Ha      FLOPTICAL Floppy Drive Format Utilities.
fm57.exe         Format Master 5.7: Floppy Disk Formatting Shell/Utility.       FormatQM 1.72: Diskette Formatting Utility. Formats & verifies batches of a       FILE MAVEN 3.0: File Manager/Transfer Utility with dual directories/pull do     FASTMENU LITE 1.0a: Complete GUI-based DOS MENU that includes Calendar/Note      Format.BAT: Simple Batch File for making Diskette formatting easy.     Format Fix for MS-DOS 6.2. NOT an "official" MS-DOS FIX though.       Form 16.COM 1.1: Formats IBM-PC Floppy to yield 1.6MB instead of 1.4MB.       FREE 1.2: DOS Utility that shows how much space is available on a given dri      Free 4.89a: DOS utility that tells you how much space you have left on your        GET 2.7: Bob Stephan's Batch Enhancer that provides Environment & ErrorLeve     GetDay 1.00 Batch File Utility: This utility will place the day of the week     GetDiz 0.7: FILE_ID.DIZ Lister/viewer for ZIP, ARJ & LZH files. Requires: D     GetErr 1.0: DOS Utility that records and reports DOS error levels.       GifDot: Dot Matrix Printing Utility that allows you to print GIF's on most         GR 2.0: Ultimate BATCH file enhancer!! Create custom screens for your batch      GrabTSR: Small DOS utility that captures ASCII text from any screen and wri       GrayIt: Returns your DOS prompt to the default GREY color after it is color       GSetup 3.1: Generic Setup Utility for the IBM PC/AT and compatibles. Edit y     Hacker 1.0: Use a HEX editor with this utility to hack cheats for any game.         Hard Drive Tech Specs 3.0: Covers technical specifications of all makes of     HDtest 5.35: Hard Disk Test/Repair and Diagnostic Program. Does comprehensi     HexEdit 2.0: DOS Text/Hex File editor.      Hex Workshop 2.20 Professional Hex Editor: 32-Bit Edition     Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DOS screen saver. The Little green guy on        Hunter Killer 2.03: File Find/Deletion Util.       HotDIR Plus 7.3 for DOS: DOS Directory sorting and colorizing utility!        Cyrillic (Russian) Font for the HP Laserjet Printer: .SFP format.     HYPE Font for DOS.       IAMS 2.8: Instant Access System. DOS Menuing system that organizes your       InteliCat 1.89b: DOS Disk Cataloger and Disk tracking utilities.       IconDOS 1.0: Graphical DOS Application launcher similar to Windows Program        IDE Identify v1.40: Returns info on all IDE hard drives attached to your (2         Inner Mission 1.7: Deep Space Star-field DOS Screen Saver.      Software Inventory Master: Keeps current Inventory of all your computer's      Infer 1.00.0024 Beta: DOS PC Diagnostic tool       System Info 1.3: Small single screen system utility quickly show's CPU type     InfoPlus 1.45: DOS System Diagnostic Utility.       HP Deskjet Survival Kit. Refill ink cartridges at minimal cost. Database.     IRQInfo 1.6: Accurate IRQ system snooper. Uses most devices to force IRQs f     IsWhat 1.02: BatchFile Utility with 10+ Handy functions to determine the: D     JAM 1.25: Throw out STACKER! Get JAMMED! Transparent Real-time Hard Disk Da
jam15.exe        Jam 1.5 Password Protector for the PC     JAWS 2.31 Screen Reader DEMO for the visually impaired PC user.         JDOS Shell 2.41 for DOS: DOS Shell utility that enables you to use a mouse     Jet Col 1.1: Compressed Print Utility. Prints up to ten 60-line pages on on     Convert the Colorado 250 MEG Tape Backup to a 350 MEG Backup. Still uses DC      Kaleidescope 2.3 for DOS: Old Screen Saver.         Kill Directory: Old DOS utility that lets you delete entire directories wit          Keyboard Disk Light 1.1b: This is a TSR [Memory Resident] program which all      KillDir: DOS utility that "kills" a whole directory. It deletes all files      Kaleidoplasma 4.25 DOS VGA Screen Saver.     KWIK Label 4.0: Unique label program. Prints Graphics on regular labels. Pr     Label Ease 3.1a: Windows 3.1 Envelope label printing utility.     Drivers, Jumper settings and docs for SMC and Western Digital 16 Bit LAN     LaserLabels 1.00psl: Reads the root directory of your 3.5" floppy disks & s         Lava Lamp DOS Screen Saver.     Bolt: Cute DOS screensaver-style program that will leave you "struck " for       Led's Change Directories 4.0B: Allows you to move to a new DOS directory     LESS 291: File Viewer/Pager. Can be used as a filter or with one or more in     DOS Letterhead Generator 3.1: Lets you create letterhead logos and custom p         Desklink II 2.21d: Small network program to transfer files between computer      LIST Plus 9.3a: General purpose DOS file browsing/viewing utility. Features     Logitech Mouse Drivers 6.2 for DOS/Windows.       Locate.Com Batch Enhancer Utility from Toadware. Locates the cursor & sets       Lookup 1.0: DOS Quick reference database that stores/retrieves any kind of        Lorre: Representation of a rotating Lorenz- Attractor. DOS graphical progra       LaserBinder 1.20: File Printing util. LaserBinder allows you to print on a     LANDMARK SYSTEMS CPU SPEED TEST 6.00: Industry standard MHz test for CPUs,       DOS Screensaver similar to Acidwarp.     DOS Screensaver based on the "Hey, Macaroni!" Windows Screensaver. An elbow     MacSEE 4.7 Demo: Read, write and format Macintosh diskettes on your IBM     MAC-ette 3.0U: DOS Floppy disk utility that will copy, write, format &      DOS Screen Saver of spinning Triangles.      The Mad Chatter 1.0: Most comprehensive, real-time text LAN chatting system       MAXIForm 1.7 Original Floppy Disk Expander. Will format 360k disks to 420k,       Master Copy 1.20: Moves as well as copies Will overwrite destination files       McShellGS 95 v3.02L: DOS GUI Shell that looks like a MAC!     Magic Desk 3.01: A windows-style DOS Menuing system for getting around. Use     Modem Lights On Screen Display for Internal Modems. Puts the RS232 "Modem     Translates your computers output to display in Medieval fonts.          MEG 3.2: Disk space & System info utility Large EZ to read Pie charts & 3-D      Memory Graph Version 2.0: Graphical Bar Display of current TSR, Memory, Ram      Memory tips to free up conventional and upper memory so users do not need t       DOS 5 Memory Management Kit 2.0: This includes: Min-Mem 2.11 which loads po
memwalk.lzh      MemWalk displays your computer's memory allocations for you.       Metz Corporate Screen Savers for business. DOS or Windows compatible.      MHZ+SW 1.0: Get faster CPU speed by modifying the memory refresh time to      Masterpiece Menu 1.0: Colorful & easy to operate DOS menuing program design          Pentium to MMX processor upgrade. This adds the MMX instruction set to any       Make any 386 into a 386 with MMX technology.     Modem Finder 1.01 for DOS: Fast, easy & quick for those who don't know anyt       Morton Utilities 1.0: Collection of TSR memory resident DOS utilities in si       Mo'Slo 1.1: Adjusts the speed of your computer from 1 to 99 percent slower      Microsoft Diagnostics Program 2.11: Examines your PC to tell you all about       Master Screen Saver 1.53 for DOS.      Mouse Test 1.0: Freeware utility that tests your mouse and buttons to make       MS-DOS Undocumented Features Vol.1 # 6           Toadie'z  MOVE.EXE: Small & fast replacement for the standard DOS move.exe      CDRom Drivers for Mitsumi Drives      NFormat 1.1: A Dynamic Floppy Disk Formatter. Allows you to Format 1.7M on      Collection of 3 DOS utilities: DOSCOLOR 1.21: Colorizes your DOS screen wit       NoStop 1.1: TSR/Device Driver DOS utility     DOS Screen Saver: fast-moving cool shapes     Calender 1.06: DOS Appointment, Memos & Calender Util     Program for testing your Intel Pentium CPU for the FPU error.       Pentium CPU chip Floating Bug Error Detection Utility for Pentium owners.      Parallel Port Information Utility 1.34 Displays your parallel port (LPT)         Park: DOS Util that parks hard disks.         Dos Based Computer Password Utility     Password Protection: DOS boot-up password that secures your PC.     PATHER 1.0: Append your DOS path on the fly with with handy utility.      PC-Font 2.04: Printer utility for dot-matrix printers which allow you to se     PC Bench 8.0: PC DOS Benchmark Program.     PCClock 4.3: Sets your PC Clock by calling NIST, USNO or NRC     PC Sentry 2.11c Test Driver: Security & accountability on PC's/Networks.      PCSet 1.6: A Printer Emulator for printing DOS text files to your printer.     PC-Share 1.00: A PC CPU Sharer for Novell Netware Labs. Allows several PC's     Disk Commando Integrator 2.00: DOS Utilities
pd0805.exe       Smartdrive 4.2 Shareware version by Microsoft. This version offers a more      Test your Pentium for FDIV Bug! Simply run this file, and instantly know        Port Finder 2.71: Find  and activates LPT and COM ports as well as allows p     PhantomScreen: DOS-based screen saver. Protects computer from unauthorized       Plasma: DOS screen saver     Playback 1.9c: DOS macro recording TSR program that replays your keystrokes      Updated Microsoft Point32 Mouse Drivers for IntelliPoint 1.1, IntelliType 1       PocketD Plus 5.3: 35k DOS Army Knife.      POLYCOPY 3.00: Ultimate Replacement for DISKCOPY. Easy to use program for       PARSE-O-MATIC 3.91 Convert your files from on format to another. Extract      PopUp 1.1: A small TSR program that allows you to run ANY normal DOS progra     Protect! EXE/COM 3.1: Encrypts and protects your EXE and COM files which le      PrintPartner 2.0: Printer Graphics Program       Disk Spool II v2.07: Intercepts printer data and reroutes it to a file to d     Does your Print Screen button work? If not, try this program! Just type     Another label printing utility that does 3.5" and 5.25" disk labels and mai      PrintMaster Plus 2.01: Makes Posters, Greeting Cards, Stationary and Banner     PRINT2 3.4: DOTMATRIX, LASERJET, DESKJET 2 Col Printer Utility: Graphical      Prompt 1.1 Beta: DOS Util that allows you to change your DOS prompt to any      34 fonts for the DOS prompt.
protect.exe      PC Protect 1.0: Unique PC protection Utility. Password secures computers to       Power Scanner 4.2. A Directory/File Mgmt program. Current drive shown in tr           EPW 1.2: Password Encryption for Executable Files like *.COMs or *.EXEs.       PassWord Plus 1.5: PC PASSWORD SYSTEM that features: Ctrl-Alt-Del disabled,      PC World's Best of Star-Dot-Star Tips & Utilities Volume III      PC World's PowerBase *.* Vol. 4     PC Magazine's Power Pack Volumes 1, 2 & 3 Collection of DOS file, disk,     Q387 3.66 Math Accelerator & Emulator Run all AutoCADs without a coprocesso      QuickDir 1.31: Amazing Dos/Archive Shell A MUST HAVE for maintaining hard d
qemm803d.exe     QEMM for DOS Upgrade Patch. Updates QEMM to version 8.03.       QFiler 3.2 File Maintainance Utility Dual Directory Display. Copy, Move, So        Quik Menu 1.07c: GUI Mouse Driven DOS Menuing System. NOT the same Quik Men      Quik Menu 4.2: DOS menu system with a graphical user interface, built-in sc      Quick Pc 1.12: 10K TSR with pop-up screen that allows you to control variou         Rain: Mesmerizing DOS screen saver.     RAM Adress Peek 1.0: DOS Utility that allows you to see what the value is f          Resident Ascii Table.        Rosenthal Conflict Resolver 1.0 Professional diagnostic tool utility from         Read 1.0: Automatically UNZIPs a file and displays the DOC, TXT, and execut     ReBoot 3.2: DOS Utility that performs a cold or warm reboot on your PC.       Remind 4.5: DOS Boot-up reminder utility that you can use to schedule remin     Program Reminder 1.0 05/08/96 Edition: Simple DOS TSR utility that helps yo        Roman Numeral Digital Clock DOS Screen Saver
s4up.exe         Stacker 4.0 update for QEMM 7.5     SAFEPACK 1.5 Disk Defragmenter: Designed so that the data on the disk shoul       SAVDIR - DOS Utility for manageing directories       Savior: Non-TSR DOS Screensaver with config. modules & password protection.     SoundBlaster IDE CD-Rom Driver Update.     Smash 1.0 DOS VGA Font Editor     DOS Screensavers that are Science oriented.          System Configuration Program 1.0: Saves your system config information to t       Screamer: DOS Screensaver with password protection program that screams "He     DOS Font Replacement  that makes your text look like little kid scribble!     SCROLLit 1.8: TSR Memory Resident Screen Scrollback Utility  that        Speedy Disk Formatter 1.0: Floppy Disk Formatting Utility for quickly     Specs for all Seagate IDE (AT BUS) drives      Specifications for Seagate ESDI drives.      Specifications for various Seagate harddrives       Specifications for all Seagate IPI drives       Specifications for all Seagate MFM drives      Specifications for Seagate PCMC drives.     Searcher: Search Ascii text files for occurance of text.       Specifications for all Seagate RLL drives      Specifications for Seagate SCSI drives.       Specifications for Seagate SMD drives.      SEBFU 4.0: Collection of over 80 DOS Batch file enhancing utilities.     Secure 1.0: Password protect your file directories with this TRS program. $       SEEMEM 2.65: Displays a detailed report about current use of all MS-DOS mem         SETF 2.1: Set up all 40 or so DOS level functions keys (F1-F10, Shift F1-F1       Secure File System (SFS) 1.10: Protect your files     SGATFMT 3.0 Low Level Formatting utility for Seagate AT 286/386/486 drives.
showfat.arj      ShowFat 2.41: Graphical display of your hard disk and where your files are.     SHROOM 2.4b: DOS utility that provides DOS application shells with more roo        SINCE 1.26: Provides a printable list of all files modified SINCE the date        Sleep 1.20: Slows the Hard Disk down if it senses no activity to save power
slice.arj        Slices large archives that are too big for a floppy over multiple disks the      Slice 2.1 Time Slicing Utility for Multitasking enviroments.     SNOOPER 3.42: System info utility. Shows CPU/NDP, DOS, BIOS, memory, CD-ROM     Snooze 1.0: TSR Alarm Clock which will play a song/sound alarm when preset       Snow 1.0: Old DOS Screen Saver.       SnapShot 1.10: Software Installation Aid Utility. Takes a snapshot of all t        Solid Oak Software's DOS Tool Box. 76 utils for batch file enhancement, com       Sparks 901010 DOS Fireworks Screen Saver Program - OLD     Speed 2.00: DOS utility that benchmarks your processor speed.     Memory Speed & Video Speed 3.10: DOS utility that tests the speed of memory Compares microprocessor & memory operations in your computer wit     ReSizeable RAMDisk 2.05. Jan 31st, 94 A virtual disk device drvr & controll           A DOS Screen Saver. Nameless. No docs.      Super Saver 1.0: Unique DOS Screen Saver program. Lets you try before you b       SST 5.3a (Supersonic Search Tool): PC/MS DOS Fast File Finder Utility. Supp        Screen Saver 1.0: DOS Screensaver with password protection. Also assign ran      Collection of Stacker 4.x Applic. Notes        Stars: DOS screen saver.
stepup.exe       MS DOS 6.22 Step-Up from Microsoft. Will upgrade any 6.0, 6.20, or 6.21 ver     Software Tracker 2.0 [Part 1 of 3]: Keep track of your floppy disks with th     Software Tracker 2.0 [Part 2 of 3]     Software Tracker 2.0 [Part 3 of 3]       DOS util that turns monitor into strobe light     Super CD-ROM Extensions 2.13: CD-ROM Multisession Redirector/Drivers that     SUPERNEW 1.0: Create COM files from text files & optionally password protec         SwapDOS 1.0: DOS Utility that allows one application to copy conventional     SYSCHK 2.41: System Info Checker. System information util that provides      3 DOS utilites: Display system info and free disk space. Ideal for bootup.     Password protect your PC from unauthorized use. Asks for a personal passwor     System Menu: DOS Menuing program.
t2c210.arj       TXT to COM 2.10 - Takes text file (with optional formatting commands) and     Timer 1.01: DOS-based Mini System Alarm Clock Complete C source available f      TAME 3.33: DOS Utility that speeds up the multitasking of DOS applications       Tasker 1.95: Unattended prog. dispatcher. will execute any program and         TextCompare 1.5: DOS utility which allows two text files to be viewed side-     TEKMENU2 2.01 for DOS or Windows 95: A 'DOS' menu system that is FULLY     Test Drive 1.0: Floppy Drive Diagnostic Tool that checks variety of things      Print your text files out faster than doing it through the DOS Command.     TEXTSNAP is a cute and kewl DOS based text screen capture program. Comes W/     Drive & Controller Guide 4.3: Directory of Hard Drives, Floppies, Optical     TESTER Program for The Last Byte A small program to test compatibility with      The Logical Choice DOS Menu System  3.5 & EZDOS SHELL 2.1 with Pull down ne
toad694.lzh      Toad's DOS Utilities Package: June 94 These are the utilities celebrated in      Collection of useful batch files and batch programming tricks       Seagate's hint/troubleshooting help file to handle problems with hard disk      TSR Toolkit 1.6: DOS Toolkit for writing TSRs which need DOS access. Includ      TSX-Lite 4.20 [Part 1 of 4]: 32-bit 2 person DOS compatible operating syste      TSX-Lite 4.20 [Part 2 of 4] Program Files      TSX-Lite 4.20 [Part 3 of 4] Program files      TSX-Lite 4.20 [Part 4 of 4] Program Files        The Torok Scheduler 3.0: Automatically runs a program of your choice on eit       Tunnel: DOS VGA Demo/scrensaver similar to ACIDWARP with great graphics!     TurboBAT Batch File Compiler 3.16: Create a .COM program file from a DOS ba     TVCLOCKS by Kingdragon. This turbo version unit will give your application      Tweakers: A Collection of system speed enhancing DOS utilities. Get more sp
twoside.arj      TwoSide 1.0: Utility for printing on both sides of your computer paper.     Ultimate Label Manager 1.0: Label printing program     A Memory Manager written by Christopher Blumm as shareware that takes advan     Rosenthal UnInstall 2: Safely removes unwanted Windows & DOS programs. All 
vgacopy.exe      VGA Copy Pro 5.2: EGA/VGA One Pass Disk -copy -verify -format with GUI, sev      VGA Glow: DOS Screensaver     Vendor List 94.12.19: List of 4952 hard & software vendors. Includes name,       VMS40 EMS Memory Emulator 1.1b: Uses the hard disk to emulate EMS memory. U         Biologic's VRAM 4.0: EMS Simulater that uses extended memory or disk space      Text file regarding the volume serial numbers in DOS 4.0-5.0 and how DOS ge        VGA Startup Menu 2.2: DOS Menu system with a built-in VGA screen saver.     WAMPUM 4.2: dBASE III compatible pop-up TSR Menu-driven Database Management        WDFMT 2.10: Utility for Low Level formats of Western Digital Drives. Can be     Where.Com: Utility which locates any file anywhere on your hard drive in an      Whereis 1.0: DOS util for locating files.     Wipe 2.12: Data security utility for DOS that erases data in unrecoverable        WIZ 3.7 & FDUP 1.6: Lightning fast multidisk file finder. Uses full wildcar     WZ Rename: A powerful file renaming program AND Magic Draw 1.0: Icon Editor     ExtraDOS Toolbox 09-93: Over 50 DOS 6.0 utilities. Includes TurboBAT, Speed        XPath 3.9: This utility allows you to set your file path with more than 127      XSet 4.02: Extended DOS "Set" Instruction replaces DOS's "SET" Command.     XTree 2.00 EVALUATION Version: This is a DOS file management program that      Test for Year 2000 compliance and fix it.     YEAR2000.COM - A FREEWARE utility to "fix"     ZanySoft Dir 1.3: Changes the DOS font.     Zap-It 3.04: Hexadecimal file editor.       PKZIP 2.0 Encryption Cracker.      ZGen 1.60: File Archive & Management Util Move, copy, delete files, make,

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