Index of: giga_games/MSDOS/CARDS

Filename Size Last Modified Description
21.ZIP 24,366 2005-02-19 Blackjack, Or 21. V. 1.1.2. Graphic Display Of Cards.
3_CARD.ZIP 19,615 2005-02-19 3 Card High / Low Poker. Strictly Luck...
500DEMO.ZIP 113,585 2005-02-19 Club 500 Bid, A Bridge-Like Game. Requires Vga. Shareware.
7STUD.ZIP 55,756 2005-02-19 Poker Challenge 7 Card Stud.
ACCSOL.ZIP 30,909 2005-02-19 Accordion Solitaire, V. 1.01
ANPOKER.ZIP 55,205 2005-02-19 Two Bit Poker, Graphics. By Mark C. Williston.
ANTEUP.ZIP 40,361 2005-02-19 Low-Ball, Draw Poker - Low Hand Wins.
BIG2.ZIP 169,753 2005-02-19 Big2, V. 1.01. Originated In Hong Kong, Now Played By Almost 99% Of Population. Simple To Learn, Big2 Has The Avant-Garde Of Chess And The Finesse Of Bridge. Graphical. Be The First To Play All Their Cards While Maximizing The Cards In Other Hands. By Tegl Systems Corporation.
BJ220D.ZIP 154,655 2005-02-19 Blackjack!, V. 2.20d. You Are Not Out To See Who Can Get Closest To 21 Without Going Over... You Are Out To Beat The Dealer! By Donald L. Granger.
BJ_EGA.ZIP 144,858 2005-02-19 Blackjack. Pretty Graphics, Graph Of Progress. Good. By Richard Mirus.
BLKJACK.ZIP 18,093 2005-02-19 Black Jack, V. 1.0. By Buffalo Creek Software.
BLKJAKVP.ZIP 104,709 2005-02-19 Black - Jack. Home Computer Version Of Everyone's Favorite Casino Card Game, Blackjack. By J&j Gameware.
CALC110.ZIP 79,826 2005-02-19 Calculation, V. 1.10. Also Known As "broken Intervals", A Solitaire Card Game That Requires The Utmost In Skill And Logic. It Offers Challenging But Rewarding Play, And Special On-Screen Assistance To Make It Easier To Play. By Randy Rasa.
CALCSOL.ZIP 64,984 2005-02-19 Calculation Solitaire, V. 1.12. By Daniel Thomas.
CANASTA.ZIP 51,644 2005-02-19 Canasta, V. 2.0. "argentine Rummy." Computer Verses You. By John E. Thayer.
CANASTA.ZIP 51,644 2005-02-19 Canasta, V. 2.0. "argentine Rummy." Computer Verses You. By John E. Thayer.
CARDS1.ZIP 19,105 2005-02-19 Solitaire. Excellent Graphics. By B.h. Forbes.
CATMAR21.ZIP 94,674 2005-02-19 Catmar Five Card Draw, V. 2.01. Much Like The Traditional Five Card Draw Poker. By Mario T. Freitas.
CLOCKSOL.ZIP 100,433 2005-02-19 Clock Solitaire, V. 1.00. Played By Dealing The Entire Deck Of 52 Cards In Packs Of Four Cards Which Are Then Arranged In The Order Of A Clock. Twelve Packs Form A Circle For Each Hour And A Thirteenth Pack Lies In The Center Of The Clock Layout. By Raymond M. Buti.
CONC204.ZIP 81,082 2005-02-19 Concentration, V. 2.04. One Of The Classic Solitaires, Popular With All Ages. It Is Easy Enough For Children To Play, But Offers Enough Challenge For Adults. By Randy Rasa.
CP.ZIP 38,391 2005-02-19 Cribbage Partner, V. 1.0. The Entertaining Game Of Cribbage. By Jim Crowther.
CRIB10.ZIP 16,782 2005-02-19 Championship Cribbage, V. 1.0. By Mark D. Goodwin.
CRIB_EGA.ZIP 28,887 2005-02-19 Cribbage Champ. By Eep Technology.
DAMMIT60.ZIP 50,629 2005-02-19 Dammit!, V. 6.0. Type Of Solitaire Card Game. By Robert Roberds.
DDVPOK.ZIP 118,332 2005-02-19 Double Down Video Poker, V. 1.0. Similar To Hi-Low With A Twist. The Game Deals Five Cards, Like Poker, Except The First Card -- To The Far Left -- Is Dealt Face Up. This Is The Card You Want To Beat -- You Must Beat This Card To Win At Double Down. By Sam Hazan.
DEALINC.ZIP 199,325 2005-02-19 Amarillo Slim, Dealer's Choice Poker. By John Comeau.
EUCHRE.ZIP 26,518 2005-02-19 Four Handed Euchre, V. 1.1. One "human" And Three Computer Controlled Players. By David Feltz.
EUCHRENU.ZIP 49,522 2005-02-19 Euchre For Slurps. Euchre, With Deception. By James V. Ryan.
EUCHRENU.ZIP 49,522 2005-02-19 Euchre For Slurps. Euchre, With Deception. By James V. Ryan.
FF2.ZIP 279,155 2005-02-19 Funny Face Ii, V. 2. Provides Kids With A Creative Form Of Amusement. It Allows Children To Create Animation Style Faces Without Requiring Them To To Possess Strong Artistic Skills. By Brett Zamora.
FORZEE30.ZIP 71,662 2005-02-19 Forzee, V. 3.0. Card Game Of Extraordinary Magnitude. Still. By Robert Roberds.
FREECE.ZIP 18,990 2005-02-19 Free Cell. Solitaire Card Game That Requires Skill And Practice To Master. By Frog And Peach Software.
GRIDLY10.ZIP 70,242 2005-02-19 Gridly, V. 1.0. Gridly Is A Game Wherein You Attempt To Impose Yer Will On A Deck Of Cards And A Grid-Like Object. You Place The Cards Into The Grid As They Are Dealt In An Effort To Score Points In A Pokerish Manner. By Robert Roberds.
HEART6B2.ZIP 56,304 2005-02-19 Hearts, V. 6b.2. An Easy Game. By R. J. Crouch.
HEARTS.ZIP 14,781 2005-02-19 Hearts, An Implementation Of The 4-Player Card Game Where You Play Against The Computer.
HIGHLOW.ZIP 29,695 2005-02-19 High-Low, V. 1.2. You And The Computer Trade Betting Action On Each Cut Of The Deck. Color Graphics And Easy Game Play. By Buckeye Systems.
HIGHLOW.ZIP 29,695 2005-02-19 High-Low, V. 1.2. You And The Computer Trade Betting Action On Each Cut Of The Deck. Color Graphics And Easy Game Play. By Buckeye Systems.
HOLDEM.ZIP 57,470 2005-02-19 Hold'em, V. 1.1. Poker Challenge Texas Hold'em Version; Real Poker With 1-9 Computer Opponents. By Workware Company.
ID111.ZIP 79,391 2005-02-19 Idiot's Delight, V. 1.11. Also Known As "aces Up", Is A Solitaire Card Game That Is Extremely Simple To Play, Quite Addictive, But Terribly Difficult To Win. By Randy Rasa.
JKRVPACK.ZIP 109,371 2005-02-19 Joker's Wild. The Casino Favorite, 5 Card Draw Poker. By Jim & Jan.
KDPOKER.ZIP 41,513 2005-02-19 Kdpoker, V. 2.0. Video Poker Machines. By David A. Befort.
MC113.ZIP 80,582 2005-02-19 Monte Carlo, V. 1.13. Also Known As "weddings" And "double And Quits", A Solitaire Card Game That Is Simple And Restful, Yet Challenging And Addictive As Well. By Randy Rasa.
MILLEB46.ZIP 108,658 2005-02-19 Mille Bornes, V. 4.6. Millebornes Is A French Card Game That Simulates A Car Race Of 700 Kilometers. By Tegl Systems.
MO226.ZIP 86,931 2005-02-19 Midnight Oil, V. 2.26. Also Known As "la Belle Lucie" And "three Shuffles And A Draw", Is One Of The Few Solitaire Card Games That Offers Both Challenging Play And A Reasonable Chance To Win. By Randy Rasa.
NEWCRIBB.ZIP 50,448 2005-02-19 Cribbage. (T Basic Src.) By John Gessner.
OSMO112.ZIP 81,628 2005-02-19 Osmosis, V. 1.12. Also Known As "treasure Trove", Is A Solitaire Card Game That Requires Skillful Play And A Good Portion Of Luck, But Rewards As An Enjoyable And Addictive Diversion. By Randy Rasa.
PATIENCE.ZIP 68,292 2005-02-19 Patience 10, V. 3.3. A Collection Of Solitaire Games. By David A. Cowles.
PC_CRIB.ZIP 17,275 2005-02-19 Pc-Crib, V. 1.01. Cribbage. By Bytesize Software.
PCPIN.ZIP 22,597 2005-02-19 Double-Deck Pinochle. Double-Deck Pinochle Is A Team Game With Four Players. The Computer Simulates The Other Players. Both Learner's And Regular Versions. By Ralph Daugherty.
PCPOKER.ZIP 38,348 2005-02-19 Pc Poker. Five Card Draw. By H.m.w.h Software.
PIRADA_.ZIP 50,610 2005-02-19 Pirada I. Uncover Cards, Trying To Score Maximum 21's. Good! By Val Patterson.
PKR563.ZIP 50,394 2005-02-19 Draw Poker, V. 5.63. Plays Five Card Draw Poker Head-To-Head. By Robert Gellman.
POKSQ16.ZIP 41,351 2005-02-19 Poker Square, V. 1.6. A Poker-Like Game, With Two Players Playing 10 Hands Of Poker At Once, Each Player On A 5 X 5 Board. By Steve Peter.
PSQ127.ZIP 44,738 2005-02-19 Poker Squares, V. 1.27. A Solitaire Card Game That's Easy, Fun To Play, And Competitive. By Randy Rasa.
PYR31S.ZIP 44,960 2005-02-19 Pyramid Solitaire, V. 3.01. One Of The Most Popular Members Of The Simple Addition Family Of Solitaire Games. By Raymond M. Buti.
RC111.ZIP 84,233 2005-02-19 Royal Cotillion, V. 1.11. A Two-Deck Solitaire In Which The Chances Of Winning Are Approximately One In Five Games. By Randy Rasa.
RUMMY.ZIP 14,267 2005-02-19 Basic Rummy. "meld" All Of Your Cards. A Melded Card Is One That Is In A Straight Flush Or Several Of A Kind. By James Wesselkamper.
RUMMY41.ZIP 53,251 2005-02-19 Gin Rummy Challenge, V. 4.1. Play Rummy Against The Computer. By Jim Cody.
SHEEPSET.ZIP 28,288 2005-02-19 Sheepshead Revisited, V. 1.0. Fast Paced Gambling Card Game, Originally From Germany (Where It Is Called "shafskopf"). By Sam Gabby.
SOLITARE.ZIP 49,649 2005-02-19 Solitaire, V. 1.5. By Brian Irvine.
SOLSU102.ZIP 313,678 2005-02-19 Solitaire Suite, V. 1.02. Seven Solitaire Games. By Randy Rasa.
SP101.ZIP 127,388 2005-02-19 Simple Pleasures, V. 1.01. Six Challenging And Addictive Solitaire Games In One Easy-To-Play, Integrated Program. By Randy Rasa.
SPOKER.ZIP 36,291 2005-02-19 Poker Solitaire, V. 1.1. Shuffle One Regular Pack And Deal Twenty-Five Cards One By One, Placing Them In A 5 X 5 Square. The Skill Arises In Picking The Best Spot For Each Card. By Eduardo Martins.
TRBRIDGE.ZIP 31,452 2005-02-19 Turbo Bridge. Play Against The Computer.
VGASOL2.ZIP 6,781 2005-02-19 Vgasol, V. 2. A Pyramid Solitaire Game. It Requires Vga And A Mouse. By Doug Cox.