Index of: giga_games/MSDOS/OTHER

Filename Size Last Modified Description
1_0.ZIP 208,216 2005-02-19 One-Nil. Manage A Soccer Team To Victory. Text-Mode Graphics.
AVPLAN30.ZIP 202,421 2005-02-19 Avplan, V. 3.0. Assist A Pilot In Preflight Planning. By Dale C. Metz.
CARSTR.ZIP 38,080 2005-02-19 Ftree, A General Purpose Fault-Tree Troubleshooting Program For Car Troubleshooting. By Cooney Applied.
GARDENER.ZIP 158,757 2005-02-19 The Gardener's Assistant. Helps Design And Plan Your Garden. By Shannon Software.
STITCH21.ZIP 54,339 2005-02-19 Compustitch, V. 2.1. Simple And Easy-To-Use Program For Designing And Printing Cross-Stitch Designs In Your Spare Time. It Behaves Much Like A Normal Word Processor, But Instead Processes Stitches. By John George Jr.