Oh, Look. A Plea for Cash.

Right now, TEXTFILES.COM runs on a dual-processor 486 (yes, dual 486's) and serves gigabytes of text a month. It's all the machine can do to keep up with this madness. People have been on me for years to add a search engine, and I would love to add one, but the machine simply isn't up to the task.

I looked around and I can get a completely over-the-top server that will handle all my needs for roughly $900. That's a little out of my "just drop the cash" budget, so I thought I'd do a drive.

I will NEVER take away the free use, the advertising-free ban, the lack of pop-ups (thank goodness) and the look of the site. If you don't want to throw in for this, I understand. If you would like to see the search engine and some additional features requiring processor power, consider helping me. There's even a good chance that as the number approaches the goal, I can try and swing the rest of the money.

I set up a donation page here.

The one line you saw on the mirror page is the FULL extent of "advertising" you will see anywhere on the site. I hate that crap.

Regardless of your choice, thanks for browsing textfiles. You're why I do this.

Jason Scott