Politics: On Censorship and Free Expression

All of these files deal in some way with free expression and the banning of it, i.e. Censorship. Usually, they come in the manner of appeals to your sensibility to allow something to continue to be expressed without being unduly limited for political or religious reasons.

Obviously, this subject is very important to textfiles.com, as it is to any place which provides any sort of information that could potentially be questioned by other factions of the world. However, the nature of this site is that many files which deal in some way with censorship will often be in completely unrelated sections, so look around. The idea that someone tells you what you can and can't read runs as a common theme through a lot of the files here, so you can be guaranteed that you'll find plenty of text to read on the subject, even if it's not in this particular directory.

Description of the Textfile
bandbook.txt 6253
Books that have been Banned in Public or School Libraries
banned.txt 14655
A List of Censored or Banned Books
bbscase.txt 11383
Akron BBS trial update: Dangerous precedents in sysop prosecution
bbsraids.txt 2439
Finding Chilling Aspects to the Capitol PC Users Group Minimum Code of Standards
bullet43 13290
Waldenbooks Gives a List of Censored Books
censor 8782
New Jersey Group Debates On-Line Censorship by Johnathan D. Wallace (1984)
censor.lis 81915
The 250 Billion Dollar Political Cover Up from Rich Winkel (January 4, 1993)
censor87.txt 90098
The Information Monopoly: Nominated as One of the Ten Best Censored Stories of 1987
censor89.txt 7799
The Project Censored Topm 10 Stories of 1989
censor90.txt 7933
The Top 10 Censored Stories of 1990 by Project Censored (February 24, 1991)
censored.89 32063
The News We Didn't Hear: The 1990 Project Censored Report (June 18, 1990)
censored.bk 13295
A Collection of Censored Books from the Last 15 Years (1990)
edit.txt 8704
There's Got to be a Better Way, by Glen Roberts of Full Disclosure
epa-ban.txt 2941
The EPA Bans its own Environmental Consumer's Handbook, by Jym Dyer
fbicensr.txt 3419
Up in Amrs about the FBI Sending Censorship letters to NWA
jello.txt 27459
The Far Right and the Censorship of Music: An Attack on Freedom of Expresson, by Jello Biafra (April 17, 1987)
newone.txt 34669
All Over the Place Document about Censorship, Hacking, Textfiles, etc.
no_reps.txt 11010
Personal Harassment and Administration Censorship: Top Underreported News Stories of 1996
pmrcsuks.txt 32274
Reviews of what the PMRC has to say about different Artists (Censorship)
sinkclip.txt 4485
Sink the Clipper Chip, by William Safire (February 14, 1994)
zappa.txt 36694
Collection of Articles from the Z-Pack, Essays by Frank Zappa on Censorship and Expression

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