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MYZ80111.ZIP 105,339 2008-09-01
MYZ80111.ZIP 105,339 2008-09-01 V1.11 Of Simeon Cran's Cp/m Emulator For The Pc. This Is Simeon Crans' Complete Cp/m Package For The Pc. It Needs A 286 (Or Better) To Run And Is Packed With Goodies, Such As The Ability To Run Cp/m 2.2 Or 3.0, 32-Bit Processor Aware, Multitasker Aware, Adm3a/televideo Emulation, Complete Key Re-Mapping, Etc Etc. You've Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best!! I Haven't Seen A Better Cp/m Package For The Pc Yet.
Z-FOR-AT.ARK 13,312 2008-09-01
Z-FOR-AT.ARK 13,312 2008-09-01 A Primer On Using Z-System Software On At-Class Machines Under Myz80