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00_index.txt     Index of files in this directory
00_index.htm     Index of files in this directory     wwNewuser 1.01 wcCODE application for Wildcat! 4.01      Renegade v04-05 BBS Pascal Structures.     Collection of SuperK & JModem Transfer Batch Files     Collection of transfer batch files for Wildcat 4.x.     AutoAdd 1.21b: AllFix BBS Util that updates file areas.     ACTIVITY 1.50 for Renegade BBS Software: BBS activity bulletin generator fr     ActPro 3.0 áeta for Wildcat 3.x/4.x BBS Software: Generates BBS/RIP files t     ADD2ZIP 1.1 and ADD2ARJ 1.1: Adds a specified file to ALL .ZIP/.ARJ archive      Author-Direct Submission Package 5.21: Info submission package for submitti      AEAM 1.0: WWIV BBS Utility that colorizes the automessage. Adds color to      AllFix/2 for OS/2 Warp: BBS Utility v1.01     ALLFIX 4.32 Evaluation Version: FileEcho utility featuring full support for     ALL2EXE 2.1a: Allfiles List to *.exe utility. Bugfix for All2Exe v2.0c! Maj     All Files Lister 1.6 for Wildcat! 4.01: Easy, automated ALLFILES generator!     ALTAIR 1.00a: 32-bit FidoNet compatable mail tosser for Windows NT and Wind      AM-DOS 4.01 for Wildcat 4.01: Permits remote access to systems' hard drive      Alexi/Mail 2.02b Tosser/Scanner for OS/2 2.x. Enables any BBS using *.MSG,     Matrix Login 1.2 for Syncronet 2.2+ BBS: The Best Matrix Login System: Syso     Automated Maintenance Utility 3.00 Gamma (DOS & DPMI versions) Performs a w     AM_Net QWK Echo Mail Network Info/App 1.1 SUPPORTS 28.8K v.FC. "America's L      AntiAd 1.42 BBS Ad Removal Utility       ASSNET (American Sysop Society) Application for WWIV systems. March 1997 up     ASP ASSOCIATE MEMBER APPLICATION KIT ASP Associate membership application     AUQUEST 1.54: Automatic User Questionaire for ProBoard BBS Software. Will a     AUTOMSG 0.001 BETA [HUGE BUG FIX!] The AutoMessage Poster that will blow th     AutoSend 1.21: WWIV Net Sub Host Utility that sends old posts to new     AViewCom 6.5b: Allows BBSers to view archive contents while online, read AS     Time Banker 2.2 for Wildcat 4.01: wcCODE App that allows users to save some       Application package for BBS membership in Association of Shareware       The Official BBS FAQ!     FAQ about connecting your BBS to the Internet. Source lists, technical Info     BBSINFO 1.6 for Renegade BBS: Bulletin Generator that makes great looking      BBS LEGAL GUIDE 2.0: All New Hypertext Program providing legal guidance for      Birthday 1.22: WWIV Birthday List Generator Generates user & celebrity birt      BIRTHDAY 1.50 for Renegade BBS Software: User Birthday Bulletin Generator f
bee0327.exe      BeeMail Message Tosser for BBS Softwares.      Goodbye After Transfer Utility for Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10: Since the default i     Callback Verifier for Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10 checks for duplicate users! Provi     Sysop PAGE Module for Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10 Plays Different Songs so you know     Logon Wall 1.7 for Wildcat 4.01 & 4.10+ BEST 'BAD LANGUAGE' FILTER OR YOUR     BinkleyTerm 2.50: A BBS Frontdoor/Mail tosser for handling mail networking.     BlackHole 1.00: FTSC Inter-Domain EchoMail gating utility for FTN networks     BirthDay 1.01 for Renegade BBS: Birthday Bulletin Generator that is command     Birthday Greeter 1.0 Birthday Greeter will run on any BBS Software that cre
bnp_v762.arj     Black-Hole Netmail Masher/Packer 6.72 for use with Binkleyterm Netmail       BNU 1.70 Serial Port Fossil Driver. DOS Based. Pretty Fast.      Text file for anyone that uses the BNU Fossil Driver and has Non-Standard C     BBS Dungeon for WC 4.1: wcCODE mod for WCAT.       BUDOFF for Synchronet 2.2+ BBS Software: Simple logoff module that allows u      C2DAY 1.5 for TriBBS & any other BBS that creates a DOOR.SYS file. Bulletin     CALLBLOC [PPE] 2.3: Unwanted Caller Blocker that uses Caller-ID info to Loc      The ComicBook Network Info Pack 10/96 update. The LARGEST and best       ChatBox 2.6: PCBoard 14.5-15.1 "SPLIT SCREEN" Sysop<->User chat. Sysop may     CBV 1.73 for WWIV BBS: Call-Back Verification for WWIV. Non-Crippled. Can     CCrypt 2.0: File Encryption Utility      CAPI Fossil Driver 1.05: Fossil driver and INT 14 Emulator for highest     CID ToolBox 2.0 for Telegard 3.0 BBS Software Caller ID Display Enhancer.      Country Net BBS Sysop application and information package. September 10, 19      Colorit! 1.0 for WWIV: Sysop utility that lets you add custom color to your      Modem Emulator COM/IP 2.1.2 - Makes DOS based BBSes Telnetable     Cool ANSI Menus for WWIV BBS Software.        CPSLOG 2.6: BBS Bulletin Generator that makes Ansi/Ascii bulletins of the       cPoint 2.17: FidoNet Point System Pack. Includes built-in comm routines wit       Change Who 0.99á for TAG 2.7 BBS from Encoexia Software Inc. A small progra     Information & Application pack for CyberChurch Fellowship: An international       D'Bridge 1.58 Single-Line Front Door E-Mail System for BBSes. Right up ther        DCount 1.00r2: Multi-purpose logfile analyser for sysops.      DigiFossil 1.3, now Freeware!      DATELINE 2.2: Calendar Bulletin Generator Makes RIP ANSI & ASCII bulletins,     MegaMatrix Pro 5.0: PCBoard FrontEnd Matrix for giving various options at       Laughing Dog Screen Maker 1.12: IBM text-mode screen designer w/mouse     Donation Trakker 1.1: BBS utility every sysop needs. Displays donation info     Wildcat 4.1 Door Menu Extender!     DOVE-Net: QWKnet/FIDOnet Info Node/Route/User List Everything you ever want     DreamQUOTE 0.8 for WWIV BBS software. Great utility with 14 different style      Dude: WWIV 4.23+ Language Module.     Elvis STR Language Module Beta For WWIV 4.23 Featuring Lines Like "Elvis Ha     EXECUTE PRO BETA - Door that runs EXE files as a BBS door.     EZ-ROM CD Installer 3.0: Makes directories and copys the files.bbs to the r     EZCFG 0.91 Beta: EZ-Rom CD Door Helper Util. Creates ezrom.cfg & exrom.mas     FILES.BBS to VBBS Converter 1.2
fd212.arj        FrontDoor 2.12: Shareware release. One of the most popular and well used      FDBATCH 1.00: Customized Batch File Generator for FrontDoor/InterMail &     Windows fix for FrontDoor. Works with Frontdoor 2.12/SW & 2.20ml.     Frontdoor Installation Tutorial & helps for Telegard BBS software.      IFDC FileGate Information Pack: Distribute files via IFDC FileGate. If you     FDTGFILE 3.00: FrontDoor->Telegard File Download Counter. Searches FrontDoo     Wildcat 4.x Setup Tutorial for Frontdoor 2.12 & WildMail 4.x with FidoNet.     FEdit 1.1a: Message editor replcement for WWIV BBS software.      FEend 1.11a: BBS Frontend Utility that requires a fossil driver. 1990 versi     Internet Echo FAQ: March 17, 1995. Everything you need to know about gettin     FILEEDIT 1.6: BBS File Area Manager. Allows you to Edit ALL file info, repa     FileIN 5.6: Best FILES.BBS importer EVER for Renegade 04-05: Now supports D      FishNet International Application Pack 07/96: Family orientated, general     Fix Pause 1.0: Telegard (?) BBS utility     FastMail 2.00: Full Service Mailer for WWIV BBS. Fast, flexible mailer for     ViSiON-X ANSI Menus 2.1 For WWIV 4.24: Original Designed by The G-Man [Exot      FNLScan v1.21 - Fidonet NodeList Scan door Scans up to 15     FreeCALL Wildcat Callback Verifier Source Code. Based on the code in wcCALL     FREQable File List Maker 1.07 for Renegade 04-05: Creates a zipped file lis       Friendship BBS Network Application For WWIV. March 1997 Update.      FILES2TG 1.00 Wide Beta 1 for Telegard 3.0 Gamma. Will read the FILES.BBS,      FULLW95 2.01: Want to set up your BBS under Win95 but not sure where to beg     FWKCX(TM) Contents_Signature Exclusion List, # 004. 1996 Apr 26. For     FWKLU205.ZIP remote Lookup kit for use with FWKCS(TM)     FWKLZ205.ZIP remote lookup_zipfile kit for use with FWKCS(TM)     FWKUTC(TM) Upload_Test Checker, Version 0.5, 1996 Apr 26, to check if      Gadgetsoft collection of sysop utilities. Qwik-List.....The Ultimate File L
gaia.exe         GAIANet BBS NEtwork starter set with Net Application for WWIV systems or bo      GammaNet Info Packet 10/96: Awesome, fast growing network based on InterBBS     GoldED 3.00.Beta3 "Happy Duck II" Mail Editor for DOS BBSes     GFXCheck 1.22: Sysop Utility for validating GIF, JPEG and BMP graphics file        GOMAIL 2.0: FIDONET Echomail Processor for Wildcat 4.x. Echo Mail Message       Hammernet Application for WWIV BBS. Requires: PACKSCAN 2.31 and LINKER 3.8.      RGhelp 1.30: This is a Renegade BBS Software Interactive User Help. Plug an     Hisgraph 1.03: Best History Graph Maker For Renegade BBS software. Command     HyperMail 1.20: FidoNet mail tosser. Has a MakeWild-like config program wit        Collection of Christian logon screens coded in Wildcat @COLOR@ codes.     How-To-Tag: A User Help File for TAG 2.7 BBS     HISTSTAT 2.00: Telegard History Statistic Compiles/outputs HISTORY.DAT     Modem Configuration Help File for setting up USR HST 14.4 Modem on TAG 2.7      IceCBV 0.50: Callback Verifier Util for RA and PB 2.x BBS       BBS Application for IceNet BBS Network.     IDSnet Info/application pack 11/96: All conferences public via QWK/FTS. Hos     InterEcho 1.16 Demo: Very fast echomail tosser for Goldbase, Wildcat, PCBoa     IceEdit 1.70: Fullscreen Message Editor for Remote     Illness Renegade & OB/2 Mods: May 1995.        InterMail 2.50 Demo BBS Front End Mailer for FidoNet.     INBasket Official Intelec Newsletter 01/97: Monthly News, Information &       The Internet Connection 1.5: Allow your users to write an Internet message      QuickInfo 0.5 for PCBoard: PPE script which shows your users their current     Iniquity Sysop Support Network Application 1.1     Internet Rex 0.98 Beta A for Win95: BBS Internet Mail Utility        BBS Telecomic screens in Wildcat @COLOR@ code         Ansi Color BBS Menus       JagBye 4.12 Animated Goodbye Utility for Wildcat 4.x. Offers option of chec      JAGNote 4.20: wcCODE Animated Comment Menu for Wildcat 4.x. Choose up to 5      JAGTICK wcCODE 4.20 for Wildcat 4.x: Scroll messages free utility for users      JAGUSER wcCODE 4.20 Animated User Lister for for Wildcat 4.x. Lists your us         Joke of the Day 1.01a for WWIV BBS.     Renegade BBS Mod's and Custom Ansi'.     KATSIGNATURE 2.1 for Wildcat 4.x: WCXcode utility designed to allow signatu      KILLMSG 1.1: BBS Utility that kills off *.MSG files in specified directorie     Labtest 3.3: File Upload processing system that performs file conversion,     Last Few Callers 1.26 for Renegade: This is a Renegade BBS Utility that     Lawson Christian Mail Network SysOp Kit June 1994 Edition: Information on     Linker 3.8: Multi-Network Sender/Support Soft Written by Hellfire 1@1     Logon Matrix 2.0 [1/7/94] Includes menus, full logon, prompts, configs. Fix     MENUCMD.ASC Update for Renegade 05-11 Exp. Features Include: Allignment        Collection of menu files for Renegade BBS     MENUZ! 3.0: Multiple Menus/Prompts/Stats For Renegade BBS. Remembers users     mErDIT 0.99: External Fullscreen Editor For WWIV BBS software.        MailGate Gateway 2.0b: Utility that converts MHS SMF-70, cc:Mail, QWK Netma     Mags -n- Rags for Wildcat 4.01: wcCODE application used for reading online     Make List 1.0: Searches .ZIP's for FILE_ID.DIZ, or DESC.SDI, and imports ea       Updated Modems.mdm for WWIV 4.24a     Application to MooNet. A WWIV type BBS network application.       Motorsports One Information Kit. Network for news/discussions of favorite     MESSAGE TO NEW USER 3.0 for WildCat 4.01: Posts a SYSOP defined welcome mes      WildMenu 3.21S: Wildcat 4.01+ utility that features MAKEWILD, WCDRAW, Wildc      MailWait 3.10 for TAG 2.7 BBS: Mail Waiting Utility for TagMail 2.41.       Wildcat @Code BBS Menus.     NetCall 2.00: Automated Network Caller for WWIV BBS. Call from a batch file     NCSSA Information Pack        NET36A: WWIVnet Files & Doc archive. Contains NET36 with updated NETWORK1.E      Application/info for World-Wide LORDNet.      Collection of BBS Network Applications: Updated January 9th, 1997. Sysop's     Net Run 1.6: Network Coordination Software for WWIV BBS      NEW USER LISTER 1.01 for WildCat 4.01: New User Listing Utility. Allows You        Nodelist Packer utility for BBSes     New User InfoForms 5.0: Supports almost any BBS type. Use this to add anoth     New User Voting 3.4 for Renegade BBS software. Allows validated users or sy     Usenet to Fido & Fido to Usenet Mail converter for the the sysops that woul      Offhook 1.0: Small utility that takes your modem offhook with a command lin      Custom SysOp Pager 1.3 for Wildcat! 4 Replacement for the standard Sysop pa       Powerboard Group for Windows: Windows icons, PIFs, and a few other things t     Path Changer 0.1 Beta for Renegade 4-05: First áETA release which allows yo     PDMENU 2.10: wcCode application that gives your BBS a professional,     PFED 0.91: PCBoard-Style BBS FILE AREA MANAGER For: PCBoard, TriBBS, System      Phantom Sysop Pager 2.0: ANSI/RIP Sysop Page Answering door with FIVE sysop      PilL0wNeT2 BBS Application: A WWiV Based BBSNetwork. =) WWiV SysOps: JOin         Ping 1.01 Beta: WWIV Sysop utility that allows sysops to update their Subs.     Punk: WWIV 4.23+ Language module.
preacher.exe     The Preacher Online: Informational package about The Christian Distribution      CD-Rom Door BBS Config files for EZROM/SFROM.       Packscan 2.31a: MultiNet WWIVNet Compat. Network2 PreProcessor for WWIV 4.2     Psych0Stat 0.51 for Renegade/Telegard BBS Software: Bulletin generator util     QwkNews 2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade Patch Only! Not the full public release! First t      QwkNews 2.1 for Windows 95: 32-bit NNTP to QWK converter. Used to import an       PCB QUOTES 1.0: Native-PCB 15.22 PPE Online Stock Quote Application.  Uses     Wildcat 4.1 Newuser questionaire replace       ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄDreamRandomÄÄv1.0ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³é    WELCOME.ANS, LOGON.ANS, and       REBOOT will reboot your computer with a BBS external event. This helps to k     REDNECK-A-DAY 1.1 Screen Generator. Good looking ANSI/ASCII logon screens t     Renegade DSZ/GSZ Protocol Pack.     RenTips 2.0: Welcome-letter, Want-list Quotes, More About PCR, MUCH MORE!     Renegade Oneliners 3.0: Emulates Forum hack style one-liners for Renegade B     RG2TG 1.00: Renegade 10-05->Telegard 3.0 Data files conversion utility. Thi     Hack Free Renegade Documentation that includes all necessary information to      Renegade Maintenance Util for Renegade 5-11: Cott Lang's BBS utility that P     Renegade callers in Portal of Power 1.10 Imports last 5 callers from Renega       RgPage 1.0: Renegade BBS Sysop Page Bell Replacement Utility that allows So     Official Renegade Support BBS Listing: Mar 96 Listing of all 'official'     Renegade Support Network Package: May 1996 Fast growing, SysOp-minded RG     Renegade Top User Lister: Bulletin generator for Renegade BBS software that       Text file on the RIP Script Graphical Imaging Protocol Standard amd it's     RIPdrive 1.01 for WWIV 4.24/4.24a: Local RIP driver that adds support for     RLOGIN Fossil 1.2: TCP/IP rlogin emulator fossil driver for DOS by Sa FREEW     ReneMail for Renegade 05-11 Exp BBS: Fido Net/Echo/Group mail interface.       Renegade Node Monitor 1.00 for Windows 95/NT: View and control your Renegad     Harvey's Robot 2.01: Utility to create .MSG files out of text files. Useful          Info. program about RPGnet BBS network.     RTREADER 0.02 WITH RTNEWS02.REF. This is a powerful script language system       RTWALL.REF for RTReader 0.02: Logon Graffiti Wall w/completely definable      Info on newly proposed "Communications Decency Act" in the Senate that has      SBDay 4.2: Birthday stats bulletin generator for SuperBBS software. Non      Synchronet Callback Verifier 1.32 for Synchronet 2.2+ BBS Software: Callbac     TLGD CuSToMiZiNG TeaM's *.MSG Screen Pack for Telegard 3.x: By Kewlman. Xtr      SECURITY DOOR 1.0 for PC-Express with Fossil 1.0. This keeps problem users     Windows 95 DOS session settings for BBSes running under Win95 version 1.00:
sk&     SuperK and JModem Transfer Protocol Utility for resetting the STACKS for Ma      SigNET InfoPak 10/96: BBS Mail Network with that Down-Home Flavor & Friendl       Collection of BBS Menus from SOMAS or The System Operator Menu Artists Soci     Squish 1.11 for DOS: BBS Echomail Processor for Fidonet      The Suggestion Box for WWIV 4.x     Fileview 1.0 for Synchronet 2.2+ BBS Software Archive Interface in BAJA     SyNC-NET Application and Info Pack. Policy 30 rules and statements, 9th Edi     MVP Software Distribution Network Update Information for Sysops on how to j     Tips for SysOps on how to motivate users to contribute money to your BBS.     SYSPage 2.00: Sysop paging utility that asks for a brief reason of why the     SME_NEWS.EXE v1.0 - SME_NEWS.EXE takes a standard ASCII text file, and     T-DOS 1.0 Beta for Telegard 3.0/Gamma. If you miss Telegard 2.7's "Mini-DOS      Tabloid Trash 1.0 for WWIV 4.x: BBS logon program that greets the user's wi     Tag Idea List: Ascii text file outlining neat things you could do with your      NLINDEX 2.6d for TAG BBS: NodeList Index Compiler for TAG 2.7 BBS.       TAG 2.7 Borland Pascal 7.0 & "C" Equivalent Record Structure Package for     Telegard 3.0 Structures Information Kit These tentative (Nov. 20 1994)     TG3TYPE 1.1: Telegard 3.0 sysop utility. This program displays the Telegard     Telegard 3.00 Files List Generator v2.55 [Maintenance Release]: Full Featur     Telegard 3.0 BBS List Editor.      Telegard Sample ANSI BBS Menus       Telegard 3.00 New Mail .9 áeta: Mail Announcement utility that supports the     TGNEWS 3.10 Public Gamma for Telegard 3.00 :News Manager that displays news     Telegard Protocol Installation Package 6.0      Telegard Christmas Screens 1.00: Collection of christmas ANSI's and a LOGON
thd_13_0.exe     THD Pro 13.0 BBS Upload File Processor and Virus Scanner      THEO-NET Christian Theology Network. Easy to join, free to all BBS systems.       TIC File Synchronization BBS Utility/Tool      BBS Util which does for files what echomail does for Msgs.       LimitLog! 1.0 for Wildcat 3.x/4.x: Door utility that limits logons to your     TJStat 1.5 for Wildcat 3.x/4.x: Activity Log Analyzer that makes a concise       TagMail 2.41 for TAG 2.7 BBS: Adds Netmail capabilities for TAG.      Top Twenty Generator 1.01 for Wildcat 5.0 WcCode program written by Larry      Topper 1.04: WWIV Top Ten User Bulletin Generator that lists the top ten us     TRANSX 1.1: This program uses internet email to transport your fido-style      TranScan 5.12 Update Patch. Upgrades 5.05 through 5.11 to version 5.12. Wor       TUG 0.10 áeta: Top Users Generator for Telegard 3.0. Generates 8 bulletins     TXMAILER 1.1: This program allows you to integrate "TRANSX" with any intern      TymeNet International FIDO echoes File Network Application: SysOps so you w     UEdit 2.06 for WWIV 4.22+: External User Editor for WWIV BBS Software. SysO        Undocumented info & codes for WWIV softw.     UPCHECK 6.00: File Uploads Scanner and processor. Checks uploades for age,       PowerVAC 3.00á1 for GT Powercom 18beta2 [Compatible FOR GT BETA TEST ONLY.       Valley Speak: WWIV 4.23+ Language Module.         Vampire language string for WWIV 4.2x BBS.     VAREA 7.00.02: VBBS Area Subscriber util that simplifies process of subscri     VBILL 7.00.00: VBBS Bill Analyser Utility that analyses the network connect     VFIDO 7.07 Fido Gateway: Implements complete Gateway to Fido networks. Enab     VFLOW 7.00.01: VBBS Message Flow utility that lets you identify the most &     VLOGS 7.00.00: VBBS Log Analyser utility that maintains/analyses a full      Virtual OLMR 2.0: VBBS Specific Off Line Mail Reader that looks & feels lik     VTREE 7.00.00: VBBS Network Tree utility to draw the network structure of a     VUSER 7.00.00: VBBS User Purger utility that allows you to automatically de     BANKER: WCX file for Wildcat 4.01 BBS. User Time Bank. Just $8 to register.     BBS List with LightBar Mod for Telegard 3.x     WWIVedit 2.5 Full Screen Text Editor for WWIV BBS software.     Internet Server for Worldgroup Terminal by Galacticomm. [Part 1 of 4]. Spee     Internet Server for Worldgroup Terminal by Galacticomm. [Part 2 of 4].     Internet Server for Worldgroup Terminal by Galacticomm. [Part 3 of 4].     Internet Server for Worldgroup Terminal by Galacticomm. [Part 4 of 4].      WINI 1.00: WWIV.INI Editor that allows simple and easy configuration of the     ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ[ WinFOSSIL v1.12 ]ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ³ 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Win         Whos On 1.3à for TAG 2.7 from Encoexia Software Inc. Small utility that rea       WWIVsys 1.7: WWIV BBS SysOp Utilities 8/31/96 External utility for the mode       WatchDog 1.21  !!FREE UTILITY FOR BBS!! Monitors Carrier on a COM port      WWIV Palette: Changes colors on a WWIV BBS to what the sysop wants.     WWIV For Internet Mail MOD & Programs: Setup your WWIV BBS for the internet     Collection of WWIV 4.23 ANSI and Heart Code Menus for WWIV BBS Software.      BBS Application for WWIVNet BBS Network.      WWIV User Help Docs for use with WWIV 4.2x BBS Software. Ascii Text File.      WxMan 2.3: BBS Weather Bulletin generator that creates BBS bulletins for th      X00 Fossil Driver 1.53a Beta Version
xdiz15e!.zip     XDIZ 1.5e File DIZ Extractor - BBS Utility      Yell 1.01 for WWIV BBS Software: Sysop Page Bell replacement chain utility.     ZAPMSG 1.00: Tired of deleting all those *.MSG files left over after tossin      ZLog 1.12 for WWIV 4.x: Graphical ZLOG viewer for WWIV bbs software. Sysop

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