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!      Apocalypse Abyss: DOS Puzzle Action Game 6/7/94
$     Rescue 1.1: DOS VGA Hovercraft rescue game.
007boo~1.doc     James Bond 007 Cheats (n64) in Word 97 format     VGA Mario 1.0 By Chaos Software: VGA 256 color arcade game.        Woody's Roulette Game 1.3: VGA DOS Roulette Game     Doom Cheat 1.6 Saved Game Editor for Doom.     1993TRIS: Tetris type DOS game.       Boppin 1.1: Apogee DOS arcade puzzle game.     Grenades 0.9 Quake QC source 'MOD'.       Realms of Chaos [Part 1 of 2]: Dos fantasy game       Realms of Chaos [Part 2 of 2]: DOS Fantasy Game      Vinyl Goddess from Mars Episode 1: DOS Adventure Game 2/18/95     Uncle's Casino: DOS Gambling Game       Tie Fighter Mission Editor 1.1 and Tie Fighter Trainer        Two Times Two 1.0: Classic Tic Tac Toe game with a twist.      3-Demon: DOS Pacman type game.      3D-Ball: Old DOS Arcade Game.      Psion 3D Chess 1.01:: Traditional chess in 3D.       3DCUBE 1.0: 3D VGA DOS Cube Puzzle Game     Monopoly Deluxe. DOS 3-D Monopoly Board Game     Multilevel 3-Dimensional Tic Tac Toe. Old DOS Game.     Three Dimensional Star Trek 1.1: DOS Game     3 Point Basketball DOS Game        4Tris: Tetris clone playable with up to 4 players       Alone In the Dark II Demo: DOS adventure game       Ack-Ack Attack #1135: DOS VGA Shoot-em-up arcade game. Optional: Joystick,     Multiplayer CoOp Senarios 1-7 "The Action Series v2.0 Parts 1 and 2": ADD o
ad&     AD&D Character Generation 1.10: Roll your AD&D characters on the computer.       Admirals Command 2.3a: Classic DOS Game of Battleship.      An alternate system of playing AD&D. Details some rule modifications. TEXT.       Art D.'s Batch Adventure: Great example of what can be done in batch langua      Paper Airplane 1.0: DOS VGA 256 color arcade puzzle game with 7 levels.      AirTrax 1.00: Air traffic controller game         Aldo's Adventure: Old (1987) DOS Arcade game similar to Donkey Kong.        Aldo's Assault 1.0: Donkey Kong like sequel to Aldo's Adventure.      Aliens 2.0 DOS Game     Cheat codes for Alien Trilogy     Alleycat: DOS arcade cat game.     Alien Poker 1.1: Practice poker against the galaxy's best. This DOS game pi     ALPHA MAN 1.1: Fun-filled strategy logic game from Soleau Software. Push le      Amerika: RISK Clone DOS Board Game set in US.        Antix: Weird Jeezball type game for DOS. OLD.     Virtual Dungeon II - Antkill 1.1: DOS EGA or VGA arcade game where you inva     Ant Run 2.3: EGA game where you must race against the clock as you rotate     Apache Combat Helicopter Demo [Part 1 of 2] DOS combat simulator. 8 MB RAM,     Apache Combat Helicopter Demo [Part 2 of 2]       The Official Apogee FAQ 4.1 [Jun 17 1995] Frequently asked questions about      AQUANOID 1.35: DOS Brakout Clone game.     Animal Quest 4.0: from Alive Software. Step into the wild world of Nature a      Archery: OLD Dos-Based Archery Game.       Army 1.2: 2 player VGA strategic war DOS board game. Requires a Mouse.     Arctic Adventure 1.0 by Apogee. You are an explorer in search of the 4 piec       Assault 1.1: DOS VGA amiga-style commando style action war game.        ASTROFIRE 1.1s: DOS Arcade Game with Asteroids and Ships.           Arcade Volleyball--little game for dos         Avenger 1.0: Deadline's Space shoot'em-up DOS VGA arcade game for 1-2 playe      Bahamas Flight Simulator Scenery 1.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Game.     BALLOON CHALLENGE 2.0: Play against the computer as you try to launch your     Base Conflict: 2 Player DOS game. Attack opposing bases.     Collection of old DOS-Based BASIC (.BAS) games for the IBM PC.      Batalia: Old DOS Arcade Game.     Battleship 2.0: DOS VGA strategy game.     BATTLESTAR 1.0: High resolution VGA 386+ Arcade game w/vector & bitmapped       Intra-Galactic Battles: Star Trek type game.      BassDuel 2.0: TWO player fishing game. The most incredible fishing game of      Begin 1.6 Tactical Starship Simulation.       Belmay: Virtual Reality 3D Demo/Game.       Beyond Columns: A Tetris-like game where you try to line up three of a kind     BigThree 2.01: EGA/VGA DOS WWII Strategy Game       Bio Menace: Old Apogee DOS RPG game with Monsters.      BlackJack 2.01D: DOS Casino Card Game. Requires EGA or better.     BARREL BLASTER 0.9 Beta DeHacked Doom Patch: For DOOM (registered). Replace      Black Squadron Upgrade ][ for X-Wing Game: Updated for B-Wing and TOD4     BLACKJACK! 2.40D: If you're looking for the finest way to learn Blackjack l     BLOCK-MAN 1.0: EGA/VGA DOS Game where you play a commoner in Bentangle who     Cheat codes for Blood      BIO MENACE SLIDE SHOW This is a musical slide show for the old Apogee game        Paratrooper Bob 1 1.0: EGA/VGA game where you play Bob who's looking to fol        Contruction Bob in the Bouncing Factory 2.0: VGA Action Arcade Game.         BOLO ADVENTURES III 1.1: EGA/VGA DOS strategy game where the objective is t     BoloBall 1.2: EGA/VGA DOS marble maze game. Play against the computer or a       Tank Wars 3.2: CGA/VGA Artillery Game with Tanks, bombs & lasers.     BOMBER 2.1: DOS VGA B-29 bomber arcade game. Offers SoundBlaster digitized       Bomb boy: EGA/VGA Arcade Game DEMO.         Borg Patch for DOOM that changes the Sargent character on Doom to a Borg fr       Bounce Zone 1.0: DOS tennis ball game.        IQ Challenge 1.0: DOS game of knowledge for 1-4 players. Test their skill i       BridgePal 1.0: DOS Bridge card game.       BRIX: A new Epic 256-color action/puzzle game Featuring 112 levels of excel        Big Red Racing Demo [Part 1 of 2] DOS Racing Game that can be played over t        Big Red Racing Demo [Part 2 of 2]         Super Shotgun for Dehacked 2.1 Doom Patch        BLAGTRON 3.01: Great action game for 2-4 players! So good you won't believe      Battletech Map Editor 1.4      BassTour 4.9: Tournament DOS fishing game. The ULTIMATE fishing game for yo     The Bullfrog Tips! Hints for Magic Carpet Theme Park and Hi-Octane.       Burger Blast: DOS game where you build a burger as fast as possible!          Beyond Wolfenstein II - DOS Game
c&     Instant Building Ready cheat for Command & Conquer.           Cyberbox II: MS-DOS Puzzle Game.       Phased Pulse Cannon Gun Replacement for QUAKE     CAPTURE THE FLAG 3.0: New Play by E-Mail! Wilderness version of the     CardMania 1.0 DEMO: STREETWISE INTERACTIVE's DOS card game. Contains QUITOO        Solitaire for the IBM PC: DOS card game for slow IBM machines.     Cheat Codes for Carmegeddon       Castle Adventure: Old DOS game like old apple ][e game.     The Catacomb Abyss in 3D v1.3: Captivating tale of wizards & fantasy trips      Cat & Mouse 1.0: VGA Strategy arcade game similiar to Rodents Revenge. Move     Cavalcade 'O Card Games 2.5: 6 DOS Card Games       Operation Vulture 3 - Cyber Chopper [Pt 1/2]: Fly the futuristic helicopter       Operation Vulture 3 - Cyber Chopper [Pt 2/2]          CC2 Civilization Cheat II: Utility for the game Civilization that allows yo     CCEdit 2.0: Command and Conquer Game Editor      Command & Conquer Money Editor Cheat       Adventures of Capt. Comic Rev 4. Old DOS RPG Game       CD-Man 1.5: Classic Pac-Man game with fabulous graphics. Creepy characters        Character Generation Assistant 1.00 for AD&D role playing games.     Ed Friedlander's AD&D Character Generator     CHEAT 26.0: The ultimate list of cheats and debug codes for MS-DOS and Wind     Collection of Cheat Codes for various games.      Cheats & Debug Codes Release 8.0: The world famous cheat list is now in a m     UFO EDITOR 1.4 for XCOM & UFO. Game Editors. Capable of editing basic game,       The Child Murderer 1.0: DOS Text Adventure game with some graphics. The pla     Chomp 1.0: Old DOS Screen Saver like pac-man.      Chopper Commando 2: DOS Helicopter war game.       Cheat Machine 2.11: Game cheat tip library.     The Cheat Program 3.1 for Windows: Cheating utility for a few games.     Cipher 2.2: DOS Cryptoquotes word puzzle game Runs in hi-res EGA/VGA graphi      Quatris Pro 2.0: 1990 Public Domain version of Quatris Pro. This is a brain      CivEdit: Cheat editor for Civilization. Add more money & items to your game     American Civil War Battle Set 1.3. One Player Strategic War Game.     Collection of utilities for the DOS game Civilization! Includes an editor a      Champ Kong 1.0: Donkey Kong game for DOS Based on the original arcade versi        Character Replacement Pack for DOOM. Changes the character to clowns.      The Lost Clown 1.1: DOS Adventure Game.         Clue 1.22: DOS Game based on the Parker Bros. board game CLUE.      Clyde's Adventure 2.0: EGA DOS game staring Clyde! Run, Jump and get magic       Colonization Jukebox! Add on music player for Colonization game.      Comet Busters 1.3: DOS Asteroids clone game     Commander Keen 1 - Invasion of the Vorticons Old DOS adventure arcade game.      Conquest 1.3a: War conquest-type game      Convert 1.1: Command & Conquer Editor Utility       Cowboys Monster Replacement set for DOOM game       Cow Wars: DOS game where you fling exploding bovines at other farmers. Cool      Crobots 'C' comp programming lang. game.     Counterpoint Crossword Puzzle Generator     Cross Words 1.0: Old DOS Crossword Puzzle Game     Crusher Castle II 2.1:. EGA DOS adventure strategy/arcade game all in one.       Wheel of Fortune type Word Game        Cubix 1.1: 3D Rubix Cube game for DOS.       Crossword Creator 6.0       Cyber Chess: DOS based computer chess game     CyberDogs 1.0: Do you like Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk, Crusade, Marine games     Cyberwars 1.1: DOS game        Light Cycle: A multi-player "Tron" game.        Cyrus: 3D Chess Game.
d&         Moraff's 3D Revenge. Dungeuns & Dragons game.      Coaster Interactive Demo from Disney.      The Silver Dagger 1.0: Freeware mystery game.       Alone In The Dark Interactive Demo.     Dark Side of Phobos 2.0 .WAD file for DOOM II     DarkWolf 1.4: 256 color VGA DOS action Game.      Darts 3.0: VGA DOS-based Dart game by Scott Williams. This is different fro      Double-X Slots: Vegas-style DOS Casino Slot Machine Game.      DBQuest 1.2: NOW WITH IMPROVED GRAPHICS!!!!! Journey into a large GRAPHICAL        Doom Construction Kit 2.2: Edits DOOM, DOOM2 and HERETIC maps. Use all the     Descent I 1.4 [Part 1 of 2] Interactive Demo! Awesome action and gameplay i     Descent I 1.4 [Part 2 of 2] Interactive Demo!     Official Descent FAQ 1.15: Contains a great deal of useful information for         Digital Downs 1.40: Animated, interactive DOS Horse Racing Game. Capture th       Destruction Derby 2 Upgrade Patch      Cheat codes for Destrucion Derby 2     Cheat codes for Death Drome       Rebel Decade: Freeware chess software. Requires a 386+ with VGA, 2 MEG RAM         Magic: The Gathering Deck Builder for DOS.         DeeP 6.20 DOOM Enhanced Editor for DOOM 1/II. HeeP 6.20 HERETIC Enhanced Ed        Demon Hacker 1.0: 31 hacks for saved game files including OMF, U8, WarCraft      Detroit 1.12 DEMO: The Ultimate Car Marketing Simulator Game!         DEU2 [Doom II Editor Utility] 1.0: Same great editor as DEU 5.2 except for     DeuTex 3.4 for Doom I/I & Heretic: Unzip with -D option! Contains DeuTex, D     Devil 2.1a: Descent 1 & 2 Level Editor Only works on the REGISTERED version      Daggerfall Saved Game Editor 2.0a     Star Wars: Dark Forces Frequently Asked Questions 2.10 [April 8, 1995 editi     Star Wars: Dark Forces Demo Game from Lucas Arts.        DeHackEd 2.4: Doom .EXE Editor. New features include smarter error handling     AD&D Dice Roller 1.0: Rolls all the dice for AD&D games.      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 1 of 12]: You need all TWELVE of these parts to      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 2 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 3 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 4 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 5 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 6 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 7 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 8 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 9 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 10 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 11 of 12]      Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d [Part 12 of 12]       Deathmatch '95 rules and registration information. Press Release. Ascii Tex      Doom Audio Editor 1.1 for Doom I/II & Heretic     DoomGraph 1.1: Doom I/II & Heretic Graphics Editor.     Doom Music Editor 1.0 for Doom I/II & Heretic     2 WAV replaces for the Pistol Sound and the Shotgun Sound w/cocking for Doo     The Unofficial DOOM Specs 1.3.     SuperGore 1.6 for Duke Nukem 3D 1.1: Increases the blood in the game.      The Original 1991 Duke Nukem 1.0 (This is NOT the Duke Nukem 3D of recent       Dodgem 1.00: DOS game where you dodge blocks and collect various things.     CyberDogs 1.0: Do you like Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk, Crusade, Marine games     Dungeon of Madness 1.02S: VR/3Dlike graphics DOS game. If you like DOOM or      Domino Professor 4.0: Dominoes Game with BONUS secret screens. Online help     Dungeon of Nightmares 2.12 Demo: Shows how far we have coded into this new         More cheat codes for DOOM.     Ultimate Doom 1.9 Shareware [Part 1 of 2]     Ultimate Doom 1.9 Shareware [Part 2 of 2]      Rocket Launcher to Mine Layer DOOM ][ For Dehacked Version 2.1 Patch.       DoomIt 5.4b for Doom II 1.7a: Loads utilities and editors.         CD Dot Challenge 1.4: Connect the dots DOS based game.      Dracula in London 1.05: Role playing game based on Bram Stokers vampire boo      DressMeUp 2.3: EGA/VGA Childrens game where you dress up cute animals in      Dark Seed 2 walkthroughs.     DESCENT 2 v1.0 [Part 1 of 3] INTERACTIVE DEMO. Earthshaking 3-level playabl     DESCENT 2 v1.0 [Part 2 of 3]     DESCENT 2 v1.0 [Part 3 of 3]          DIGITAL THUNDER 3.01: Helicopter Game with kewl graphics and game play. Wor     Duckhunt 1.0: DOS game similar to Nintendo game of same name        Duke Nukem' II (12-1-1993) Old DOS Game      Listing of cheat codes for DUKE Nuke'em 3D     Cheats/Codes for Duke Nukem 3-D 1.0      Duke Nukem 3D Resolution Changer 1.2 for Duke Nukem 3D shareware version 1.      Dungeon Battle: DOS D&D RPG game written in BASIC. Very small and very simp     Mr. Skibone's DoomView Special Edition 3.25: Artwork and graphics viewer fo       Ancients I - The Deathwatch: 3-dimensional fantasy role-playing game. It ta      Desert Raid 1.0 DEMO: DOS Desert Combat Game.      Cheat codes for Extreme Assault     Earth Invasion 1.1a: Space fight game in which you are a Yanchooz fighter      EasyWAD 1.12: Produces a WAD selection interface for Doom.        ElectroBody DEMO: Game where you must clear out an alien base.     EdMap 1.40: Doom I/II & Heretic Map Editor     EGA-Roids: EGA DOS-Based Asteroids clone.     EGATrek 3.0: EGA space/strategy game. You're in command of a powerful stars     Elevator: Old DOS-Based PC Arcade Game.         Elfland - Gorgimer's Castle Volume One: DOS EGA/VGA arcade adventure game w       Engine 1.1 for MegaZeux 2.04+: RPG for the MegaZeux game.      EmigmaCross 1.4: EGA/VGA DOS acrostic puzzle game with a colorful mouse-dri        Electranoid 1.10s: DOS Arkanoid like game     Epic Pinball 2.1: Super Android new version of the ultra-popular pinball      Eternam DEMO: DOS Rambo like fighting game.      Evasive Maneuvers: DOS VGA Flight Simulation game with lush graphics, reali      Executioners Demo: DOS VGA Mortal Combat type game for the 386+.         FaceTrex 1.0: EGA/VGA challenging DOS logic & strategy game where the objec      Windows 3.1 Money Cheat Utility for SimFarm for DOS. This is a Hex Editor t     Final Fantasy VII - Walkthrough Guide V2.1       Collection of Genie Codes for Final Fantasy 3     Final Fantasy 3 FAQ 1.0. Includes Genie codes      Collection of Mids and help files for Final Fantasy game.       Collection of Texts for Final Fantasy Games.     Fairy GodMom 2.1: DOS Arcade/Logic Based Game     Flasher II v2.1: Addictive & challenging memory game with 256-color VGA art         Flik for MegaZeux game.      Flipper: DOS Game where you surround the center square to win access to the       A Hike in the Forest 1.0: This game is for those of you who just LOVE hikin     Fowl Play: Old DOS-Based arcade game.         Fract: Tetris-like 3D Block stacking game     DOOM Frisbee Rocket Graphics Patch by Chris Pimlott. Changes DOOM rockets i     Funball 1.0 by Impulse: Wrack your brains on this strategy game where balls      Bug Fix Upgrade Pack for FleetStreet 1.16         FURY Gory DOS based Action Adventure Game with Source.     Fuzzy's World: DOS Space Golf Game Demo      Hints & cheats for FX Fighter game.      Galacta: DOS EGA/VGA Space arcade game.     Galactic Empire II: Space Conquest and Strategy Adventure game for DOS.     Galactix 1.4: Xidus fleets are invading, and you are the last ship left to       Galaxi: VGA Space Shootem up Game. Good Graphics, Requires less then a mega      Sir Guy Gallant & The Deadly Warning: DOS mystery adventure game set in     Gallery 3.0: Freeware DOS Solitaire Card Game      Duke Nukem 3D Weapons patch version 1.0 only.       Gapper: Old DOS-Based Arcade Game for PC     Gateworld The Seed Ship v1.3: HomeBrew's SCI-FI game. Captian Klondike vs        Gamebender for Ultima 8 0.18 Alpha 1 Raise Character attributes & enable ch     World Empire 2.0: Classic strategy game. Battle the computer or fellow huma     Gemstones 1.1: VGA remake of an old classic fast paced DOS game.           Game Guru: Game Enhancer and Cheating Utility     GinRummy 5.0 and Cribbage 2.0: EGA/VGA DOS card games. Play gin rummy &       Get Lost! 1.31s: First person 3D maze DOS game.       Gladiator 3.7D: Gauntlet style, real-time DOS arcade game where you (the re     Quest For Glory BBS Role-Playing Game.         GOAL: Ultimate soccer coaching simulation for the IBM PC! Choose from 128 t     GOBMAN 1.0: DOS based Pacman clone game with a few nice twists. Collect bom       GODS 1.0: DOS arcade game like Commander Keen only in this game you are an     The Goldhunt Adventures 1.0: DOS arcade game.       Gomoku: Old DOS-Based Strategy Board game for the PC played with stones.      Grenade Patch 1.0 for Doom      Hard Hat Mack: DOS Donkey Kong type game.        Halloween Harry 1.0 (This later became Alien Carnage). Old Apogee Game from        Heartlight PC 1.0: Guide the elf Percival through 20 levels of puzzles     Hearts Attack 1.0: DOS based hearts card game       Helious I: Nine bizarre & fun levels of a game whose origin you won't belie      Heretic 1.0 [Part 1 of 2]: Supernatural actionpacked Blastfest. Realistic      Heretic 1.0 [Part 2 of 2]      Heretic FAQ and cheat codes list.          HEXXAGON 1.3: The Animated DOS Strategy Game. Immerse yourself in one of th     Cheat Codes for Hexen: Beyond Heretic     Hexen: Heretic II DEMO [Part 1 of 4]: Four-Level Šeta. Use one of 3 charact     Hexen: Heretic II DEMO [Part 2 of 4]     Hexen: Heretic II DEMO [Part 3 of 4]     Hexen: Heretic II DEMO [Part 4 of 4]     Hexen 1.0 FAQ 1.0.3     Hexen Deathmatch Modem configurations.      Hocus Pocus 1.1: DOS Arcade game by Apogee.       Hooops 5.0: DOS based basketball game.        House of Cards: DOS-Based Card Game Collection. Offers Spades, Cribbage,     Hovercraft 1.10: Helicopter game.     Heretic Secrets file.     HUBIE 1.2: DOS VGA Puzzle/Arcade Game from Serendipity Software. Guide Hubi        Hugo II, WhoDunIt?: EGA DOS Adventure game.     Hurl 1.0 [Part 1 of 2]: Grab your water balloons & jump into the trash-fill     Hurl 1.0 [Part 2 of 2]     Highway Hunter 1.0: Safari Software's fast, frantic & furious DOS arcade ga      Island Hopper #1146: DOS VGA Shootem' up scrolling arcade game. Optional:     Immortal Wizard Roleplaying Adventure Game      INFINITRIS 1.0: Absolutely the Best tetris clone out there. 256 VGA Color     Superstar Indoor/Outdoor Soccer 1.1: CGA-EGA soccer game for DOS.        Invaders 1978: DOS VGA Arcade game based on Taito's original Space Invaders      ISLE WARS 3.0: EGA/VGA mouse driven war game. Try to conquer         Qbasic Game. No docs. Use at own risk.     Jack Flash by MVP Software. Jump into the action with Jack and his Succ-O-M     Janitor Joe 1.0: DOS Game where you help Janitor Joe survive on his space         Jazz Jackrabbit 1.1 from Epic Megagames: Ground breaking DOS game with     Jazz Jackrabbit 1.3 Christmas Edition: DOS Arcade game with 100% New levels      Jetpack 1.3: With your Jetpack strapped to your back collect gems from 100       PC - Jigsaw 2.1: Educational game of skill and intelligence. It starts out         Jill of the Jungle: Classic OLD DOS arcade game from Epic Megagames.      JumpJet 1.06: Cool fighter jet game where you destroy planes, tanks, buildi      Jumpman Lives: DOS arcade Jumpman clone game.      Operation Just Because 1.40: Animated DOS Battleship Game       Kaeon 1.0: DOS VGA Spaceship fighting game.     Superkarts 0.98: DOS go-kart racing game demo        Commander Keen 4 - Goodbye Galaxy: OLD DOS Apogee Adventure Game. 1992.        Commander Keen 6 Demo Game.      Casino Keno 2.1: DOS gambling game that requires Ega/Vga. Mouse optional. I           Championship Boxing: KO'ed in 1984: DOS boxing program with EGA & PC Speake         King Arthur's K.O.R.T. by MVP Software. Great OLD Medieval strategy game in         KrisKros: DOS Crossword Puzzle Game.      Betrayal at Krondor cheat codes.     Betrayal At Krondor Demo [Part 1 of 2] Fantasy RPG based on Raymond Fiest b     Betrayal At Krondor Demo [Part 2 of 2]     Knights of Xentar DEMO by MegaTech. Role playing game. Great anime graphics     Walkthrough for Knights of Xentar game. Ascii Text.     PC Games Cheats & Info List: April 1996 v5.0      LARN 12.2: D&D type adventure game with basic graphics ported from UNIX to      The Last Half of Darkness: DOS Text adventure     Star Trek: The Last Generation. DOS Game.       LavaCap 2.1: exciting arcade strategy game similar to Soleau Software's Oil         Lawn 2.00: Lawn mowing game where you try to avoid bad things and hit gophe       Leaper: DOS 'Frogger' type game.     Lemmings II- The Tribes: Complete GOLD solutions for ALL the levels.     Lemmings the 1991 Christmas edition.        Cindy's Lemonade Stand: DOS game where you sell lemonade at your own lemona       Lethal Tender 1.1: DOS Arcade adventure game similar to WOLF3D but much bet          LHX Attack Chopper Demo: DOS Helicopter Adventure Game      ListLev 1.0: List Doom levels replaced by a PWAD file.        Arcade game where you are a llama and shoot various objects. No docs includ     Loader Larry 1.2: EGA/VGA game where Larry Lontrose is a part-time dock loa           Lethal Mission preview for MegaZeux game.     Lands Of Lore: The Throne of Chaos complete walkthrough.          Leisure Suit Larry Walkthroughs 1 thru 7. Ascii Text.          LineWars II: Incredible 3D Space Action Game from Safari Software. Play alo     Dungeons of Moria for DOS v5.5.2: Nethack/Rogue type game      Mah Jongg 4.1: Chinese solitaire tile game. Design your own with the includ      MAPEDIT 8.4: For Blake Stone, Wolf3D, Spear of Destiny, Blake Stone: Planet     Duke Nukem 3D Help File. Contains many maps and a FAQ about building them!      Escape from Markana 2 Version 1.0: You have been recaptured by Markana and      Another Collection of Cheat Codes for various Games.     Maze Blazer: Small little maze game.     Maze Wars 1.1: Absolutely Amazing 3-D DOS Maze Game! Get a feel for virtual        MONSTER BASH SLIDE SHOW: APOGEE's musical slide show for old game Moster Ba     MechEdit 1.0: Editor for MechWarrior 2 that allows editing of user files to     Cheat codes for MDK      Cheat Codes for Meat Puppet     Mech Warrior 2 - The Clans [Part 1 of 2]     Mech Warrior 2 - The Clans [Part 2 of 2]       Meteor Rescue #1133: VGA DOS arcade game for the IBM PC. Joystick, SoundBla     Mice Men 2.2: Animated strategy logic game. Try to push/pull columns of che     MICE MOVES 1.1: Maneuver your funny animated mice to the other side of the     MICE MAZE 1.0: DOS Adventure arcade puzzle strategy game.        Micro Machines DOS game     Mystic Towers 1.1: Old DOS Game (7-15-1994)       MixMan 1.0: .MIX File Manager to add levels in Command & Conquer game.      Mah Jongg -V-G-A-: A high-tech simulation of the ancient Chinese game of Ma           Mortal Combat Ping Pong     Mortal Kombat II FAQ Revision 21 Nov 1994      FAQ & Moves List for Mortal Kombat 3 for the Sony Playstation. ASCII Text.      Mad Mad Mad Mazes: DOS based random maze game     Modem-To-Modem Chess with chat mode.     MONOPOLY: DOS Based Board Game with Source Code     More Blood Doom 1.666 Dehacked 2.0 Patch     MORPHELLO 1.0: VGA classic strategy game with a twist. Featuring: 3-D Raytr      Movie Graphics Patch 1.0 for Doom: Have you ever wanted to see ALIEN vs      Micropede 1.40: VGA DOS Arcade game much like Millipede and Centipede. Need        Champ Ms. Pacman Lite 1.1: DOS based VGA arcade game. Needs a 386+ PC.     Champ Ms. Pac-em 1.1: DOS game similar to Champ Ms. Pac Man 1.1.     MS-PAC PC 1.01: Ms. Pacman Clone game for DOS. Based on the arcade version.     Hint file for the DOS game MYST.     Walkthrough for Myst Game.     NESticle v0.42 DOS/Win95 Nintendo Emulator.       Netris 1.0: DOS Based Tetris-like Game.      New Doom Guns v0.2 BETA: modifies plasma gun and rocket launcher graphics.     NetHack 3.13 for the PC: 386+ compiled version of Nethack 3.13 for the PC.     NITEMARE-3D A House of Horrors 2.0: VGA 256 color 3D scrolling action game.     Night Raid: DOS Classic Action Shooter from Software Creations & Argo Games       NEJILIAN FLUX 1.0: VGA/SVGA Space shoot em up game w/2 (Side & Overhead) vi      Noah93: Virtual Reality Demo/Game.         Avoid the Noid 1.0 DOS game.        NV 3.0: Strategic/tactical Space Combat game. Requires VGA. DEMO version.     NovaTron: Old DOS-Based Arcade Game.      Cheat Codes for Oddworld      OFFROAD 1.10: Desert Car Racing game that requires 128K & CGA by Monte      OidZone 1.02 by LGP games: Euphoria based Asteroids game clone written in     OILCAP 7.0: Play against the clock as you try to contain gushing oil by      Cheat codes for Outlaws        Omega Race: VGA DOS arcade racing game based on the "Omega" arcade game.        One Must Fall 2097 Moves List 1.6 for REGISTERED OMF 2097 10-27-94 Update.     One Must Fall:2097 FAQ by Epic for viewing with Netscape (it's from the Web     The Online Crossword Volume 1, Issues 5 and 6. Computer Crossword Puzzles.     Othello 1.2: A graphical Othello game for DOS. Supports up to 6 players. Pl      Outburst Demo Game: The popular party game ported to the PC. $20.00     OUTLAW 1997: TWO player battle to the death. DOS Game. Requires 386+ & VGA.     OverKill 1.0: Arcade game from EPIC MEGAGAMES with smooth 16 color scrollin     OverLord 1.1: Marvel Deck Building Utility for OverPower game.      Pac-Girl: Pacman clone game for DOS.       PacMan Doom: PAC-MAN Sprite/Sound Patch File. Turns Doom into a Pac-Man lik     Piddle-Paddle 1.1 by GeNeSiS: "Pong" type DOS game. MUCH MUCH better than t         Temple of Paganitzu 1.0: Classic Apogee game with EGA graphics.     PAKO II: VGA Pac-Man clone full of rich graphics & music plus it runs at a       The Pandora Detective Demo [1/7]: Interactive Movie Demo Set. This program       The Pandora Detective Demo [2/7]       The Pandora Detective Demo [3/7]       The Pandora Detective Demo [4/7]       The Pandora Detective Demo [5/7]       The Pandora Detective Demo [6/7]       The Pandora Detective Demo [7/7]     PC-Kong 1.3: VGA Donkey Kong clone with six new levels plus the originals.       PC Bowl: Old DOS-Based PC Bowling Game.     PC-GAMMON V 1.20: Computer opponents will give you a run for your money in       PC Pool: Old DOS-Based Pool game for PC.       Peg Out: Old DOS-Based Solitaire Board game for the PC played with pegs.       Phoenix 1.01 Powered Exoskeleton Suit 'MOD' for use with QuakeC Source/Comp       Phylox Demo: DOS VGA Shoot-em up arcade game.       Pickle Wars: DOS arcade game.        Get Piste 1.0: 10 Level Demo version. More than just a side view skiing gam     PIT 2 v1.10: New interface, graphics & more, plus new lower register fee *A     3D-PITFALL 1.3: 3D VGA Tetris-Like Arcade game. Challenging, educational &       PLIX 1.0: EGA/VGA mind-bending game of logic, planning & problem solving. T
pokemon.txt      Cheat codes for Nintendo PokeMon GameShark game     Pong Kombat 1.0-1.5 Cheat tips. All the moves, fatalities, codes, and secre       Jim Kobb's 3D DOS Pool Game.     Pro Pinball - Timeshock! 1.07     Cheat codes for Privateer 2       Pool Shark 2.1: VGA DOS 3D Pool Arcade Game with Artificial Intelligence.        Psionics 1.0: 3D Futuristic DOS RPG game.     PubDARTS 1.0: VGA DART game where you play against the computer (pick the     Punisher - Old DOS Arcade Game     Pizza Worm 2.1G: VGA DOS "worm" game that supports GUS, SB, PAS, WSS, JOYS,     PowerChess 5.3: Battle Chess type DOS game.       Pyro 2.2: DOS game where you must escape from a burning building.       Puzzler 3.00: Crossword, Wordsearch and Wordscramble puzzle generator. Uses     Quake 1.01 to 1.06 Upgrade Patch for Reg'd & UnReg'd versions       Quatris II+ 1.0: DOS Tetris Game Clone.      Quake Cheat Codes     QuakeC 1.06 with with QC Source, Compiler and Manual. Edit anything in the       Cheat codes for Quake     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 1 of 7]: id Software Inc. If you don't know what QUAKE is,     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 2 of 7]     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 3 of 7]     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 4 of 7]     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 5 of 7]     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 6 of 7]     QUAKE 1.01 [Part 7 of 7]       Qubert: DOS version of the Arcade Game        Sword Quest 2 v1.0 - Tale of the Talisman: EGA/VGA DOS-based Fantasy RPG Ga      QuestMaker 2.1: EGA/VGA tool for creating adventure games. Requires an IBM     Zone Raiders Demo 1.14s: 3D Hovercar Post Apocalyptic Adventure game. Race     Railroad: Run a railroad on your screen and let trains run. VGA DOS program       Rally-K: VGA DOS "Rally-X" Car/maze game where you capture flags & avoid ot       RAMPAGE: Smash arcade hit comes home to PC! Use all 3 characters! Joystick     Command and Conquer Red Alert Players FAQ 1.0 Updated November 29th, 1996.     Raptor Money Editor 1.0: All the cash in the world is YOURS with this Money       RAPTOR 1.0: DOS VGA Action Adventure Game      DISNEY COASTER track files for REGISTERED Disney Coaster Package: Coaster t        Reactor Station 1: Maze game similar to AMAZE. Find your way through this m       Reaping the Dungeon 1.1: DOS VGA strategy game! Battle powerful creatures w        Cheats to Rebel Assault II in Windows 95 Document format. You MUST have Win     Command and Conquer: Red Alert Game settings INI file for editting with a     Cheat codes for Redneck Rampage        Retro: Frogger-Like DOS based Arcade Game with Source Code     In Search of Dr. Riptide 1.0: Spectacular underwater VGA arcade game! You h         Risk 1.9: DOS addaption of the classic board game! EGA/CGA.        Star Trek: Judgment Rites Hint File.     RIVER RUN 0.9 Final Beta for DOS & Windows. [Part 1 of 2] Explore four regi     RIVER RUN 0.9 Final Beta for DOS & Windows. [Part 2 of 2] These 2 files are     Robomaze III: The Dome by MVP Software. Super-cool arcade/adventure game. H       Rock Man 1.3: EGA/VGA DOS logic strategy game from Soleau Software. Use you        Rocks 486: DOS SVGA asteroid shooting game. Fly your spaceship around vario        Rogue: IBM PC version of an OLD Unix ASCII game (no graphics!) where you     Rome Demo Game. Lets you control the Roman empire!         Roxx #1133: VGA DOS arcade game. Optional: SoundBlaster Registration: $14.9     RACE THE NAGS 1.3: Horse Racing Game. Animated, full color graphics. Up to     Shuttle Approach and Landing Simulator 1.03 DEMO version. Lets you experien      Duke Nukem 3D patch that replaces the taunts with Adam Sandler's voice!        Sango: Street Fighter type DOS game.     Santaman 1.0: VGA DOS Old style, platform shooter game. 'A tribute to the e      Snake Battles 0.7: DOS VGA Arcade game. New version of the old 'snake' game       SimCity 2000 Demo Game: 3-17-1994 Release.     SimCity 2000 Datafile Extractor/Rebuilder     Collection of SimCity 2000 Cities & Utils      ScaryFish 2.4 - Multispecies Fishing Game     Collection of various tips and hints for Command & Conquer game.     SCHTKR 1.2: ScaryFish Game World Editing Util with many options. Create you     Scorched Earth 1.5: 256-Color VGA DOS Tank Artillery game for up to 10 play     Scramble 1.2: EGA/VGA DOS Scrabble Word Game.     Secret Agent:The Hunt For Red Rock Rover-old DOS game;Apogee shareware      Scubaman's Quest 1.0: VGA Underwater Action Arcade game featuring 256 color      Seek and Destroy Cheat Utility & codes.      Sea Hunt: Naval War Game for the PC.     Seek and Destroy 1.0 [Part 1 of 4] Safari Software's strategic game. Execut     Seek and Destroy 1.0 [Part 2 of 4]     Seek and Destroy 1.0 [Part 3 of 4]     Seek and Destroy 1.0 [Part 4 of 4]     Serf City Frequently Asked Questions 2.42 September 5, 1994 Update. This is      Star Flight 2.12 DOS Space Exploration Game     Super Game Cheat 5.00 for DOS.     Shards 1.1: Strategic puzzle game for one player. Remove duplicate stonetil        Shooting Gallery 3.3: Colorful VGA action. Offers seven rounds of shooting        Doom 2 Mod that makes the ShotGun fire like the chain gun!       Space Invaders - The Next Generation: This is a Euphoria based arcade game       Simon Says Volume 1: DOS game       SKUNNY KART 1.0: Multiplayer High Speed 3D Racing Action! Play alone or        Skyroads 3D Trainer 1.0: VGA 256-Color 3D game Demo. Challenging. Training       Cheat codes for Skynet       Sleuth 4.45: Interactive text murder mystery role playing game.     Slicks and Slide 1.2: Simple car driving game for four+ players. The idea o         EGA & VGA DOS Slot Machine Game.     PC Casino Slot Machine II 4.3: Mono or color! Original, color & modified co     SIMTrek 2.3: Simulates the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Play at being        SNAFU 1.0: DOS game where you keep snakes from running into themselves and      SNES Cheats & Spoilers Listing: 2-1-1994        Solutions for various games like Police Quest and Kings Quest etc..       Solar Winds: Space Arcade-Adventure game from Epic MegaGames! *HOT* thrille     Solitile 3.55: VGA DOS SHANGHAI/TAPEI and MAHJONG-type tile game where you     Sopwith 2: Old Plane flying shooting game          Sink or Swim: DOS game for beginers.       Spades 1.0: Traditional Spades card game. Pits you against three computer     SPADES 3.0: Spaceways Classic VGA DOS Card Game. Team or individual play, s        Speculator: DOS Land Aquisition Game       The Amazing Spiderman - DOS Game     Spider Run 1.1: Race against the clock as you rotate web strands for the sp          Starline Super Qube Hopper 2.3: DOS Q-Bert arcade game clone.      Squarez Deluxe 1.1: Devastator bombs/missiles and hazardous chemicals intro     The Shadowrun Assistant 1.0: Character and Matrix Generator. D&D utility.        Solitaire Suite 1.07: Classic solitaire card games: Calculation, Concentrat      Super Stick Fighter 1.2 Demo: Fun DOS game with lots of great background        The SSF2T FAQ 2.2: Codes and Hints for Super Street Fighter II Turbo. 10+ p       Startrek 25th Anniversary Game Upgrade patch.     Starwars 1.0: Old DOS based space game.     STAR WARS: DARK FORCES Documentation     QBASIC Dancing Stickman!      MANUALLY install directions for Star Trek The Next Generation "Final Unity"     Stone Mist 2 v1.0: RPG game in which you must find objects in the correct o        Strategy 1.0: DOS based game full of strategy and mind-boggling fun.      Strategy 1.0: DOS VGA Stratego clone strategy war game.     Star Trek: The RPG Manual 5.1: Good for any RPG player or organizer!      Major Stryker by APOGEE: Triple parallax scrolling sets this action shoot '       The Summoning 1.2 - Old DOS RPG Game     Super Ball: 286+ VGA Breakout Type Ball & Paddle DOS Game.     "Solution" file for Solar Winds game.       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 1 of 9] by 3D Realms From the creators of Duke Nuk       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 2 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 3 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 4 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 5 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 6 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 7 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 8 of 9]       SHADOW WARRIOR 1.0 [Part 9 of 9]         SWAR #1135: VGA DOS Space war arcade game for Two Players. Optional: Joysti      Cheat codes for Shadow Warrior game.      Spit Wad Willy.        Snapshot of Syn2x Development Code.       The Kingdom of Syree II - Black Magic Journey back to the land of Sheol whe      Teen Agent: First class point-and-click DOS animated graphic adventure game     The 7th Guest solutions to game problems.     Taxi Run 1.0: VGA DOS taxi racing game. Requires Mouse/386+          Taking Care of Business 1.0: SVGA DOS Logic and puzzle-type game.      Terminal Pacity. A pacman type game. well made.     The Elder Scrolls/Spell/Descriptions/Cost with some helpful suggestions. TX     TETRIX 2.1: VGA DOS Tetris Clone game. Addictive. VGA & 386+ required. For     The Toad: EGA/VGA 386+ Frogger Arcade game clone for IBM PC's running DOS.         Thor's Hammer Trilogy 1.0 MVP Software's 3D graphical adventure. As in ages     Tommy's Awari TM-077: Ancient African bean and stick game known as Mancala!      Cheat codes for Tomb Raider      Cheat Codes for Tomb Raider 2     Tommy's Stupidest Games Pak I: Plagued by lack of brains, maturity, skill,       Toyota Celica GT Rally: DOS car racing game.     3 Coaster Track Pack for Disney's Coaster Game. Registered "Pack" features        Star Trek Trivia Quiz: Basic (.BAS) IBM PC Game of Star Trek trivia.     Updated DOS Based Star Trek Trivia Game.     Star Trek - The Nth Iteration: Arcade version of the classic Star Trek game       Battle Arena Toshinden Demo 0.88 for the PC.     TUBULAR WORLDS-Episode 1-Vulcan World: Hordes of smoothly animated sprites,           Duke Nukem 3D patch that replaces the taunts with soundbytes from Terminal      ---====== TYRIAN 2.0 [Part 1 of 3] ======--- Second release of Tyrian from      ---====== TYRIAN 2.0 [Part 2 of 3] ======---      ---====== TYRIAN 2.0 [Part 3 of 3] ======---      Secret Weapons & Cheat Codes for Tyrian game.        Thunder Zone: DOS Arcade game. Major Support for Gravis Ultrasound &      Cheat Key Enabler Utility for Ultima 7.      Ultima 8: Answers to top 10 pagan quest.     UFO: The Unknown Enemy. 2 Billion $ Money Cheating Utility.      Ultima 7: The Black Gate Walktrhough & Hint file.     Ultimate Gin 4.0: Animated DOS Gin Rummy Game.     Ultrabot Pilot     Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven, Module I [7/23/93]: 3D Imaging on the          Uno 1.80c: DOS Card Game     Cheat codes for Uprising       Vampyr: The Talisman of Invocation. EGA+ Adventure-Role Playing Game.     Vegas Johnny's Draw Poker 1.02: Detailed Simulation of a Draw Poker Game.     VGA JigSaw Puzzle 1.1: VGA puzzle game.     Mario Brothers VGA 1.0: DOS Arcade Game      Virtual Park Demo: Thoroughbred Horse Racing Simulation game for 1-4 player        Virtual Pool Demo Game. Practice trick shots at any angle.     Video Poker Plus - Version 1.0      Video Poker Tutor 3.02: Teaches expert playing of casino game of video poke      Mino Dino Demo: Virtual Reality 3D kids' dinosaur demo/game.     VGame: 3D Virtual Reality Demo/Game.       Wacker 1.0: WAD graphics editor for Doom        Wacky Wheels - Old DOS Driving Game       WADDir: Doom series WAD directory lister.     Waded 1.83: External .WAD editor for Doom or Doom II.      WADInfo 1.04: WAD information view for DOOM.
wall$       Wall $treet Raiders: Corporate War Game of finances and takeovers.     WALL PIPE 2.2: Play against the clock as you try to keep water flowing from     Warcraft 2 Money Cheating utility.     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 1 of 11] You need all eleven parts to rebuild the     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 2 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 3 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 4 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 5 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 6 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 7 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 8 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 9 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 10 of 11]     Warcraft II DEMO [Part 11 of 11]     Warcraft I Orcs & Humans Upgrade Patch. Updates version 1.0 to version 1.21     Warcraft I DEMO. Fantasy war game.      Warcraft saved game editor. Gives you unlimited gold, lumber, full maps and      War Gods FAQ. Ascii Text.        Cheats to Warcraft II in Windows 95 document format. You must have Windows         Winged Warrior: Zelda-like DOS game where you play a greek hero.       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P       Warcraft 2 v1.3 The Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion. [P     EGA Wheel of Fortune 9.00 [2-26-88]. Based on the Share Data commercial gam       GAME WIZARD 2.30: Powerful GAME CHEATING utility ever developed anywhere in        Wrestling League Simulator 5.1: Text based game where you create your own       WOLFENSTEIN 3D 1.4: APOGEE 256 Color VGA 3D PC game. Sound Blaster effects     Wolfenstein 3D God Mode Cheat Codes.     The Golden Wombat of Destiny 1.1: Text Adventure role playing game.       Wordplay 1.01: DOS Wheel of fortune type word game.      Wordwar: Dos Boggle-like word game that can be played over the modem with a      Moraff's World Beginner's Version 3.0 VGA 25 level dungeon game w/full mous     Worthy Opponent 2.00: Over the Modem combat game. Offers several different     Wraith 3.1: DOS Role-Playing/Adventure Game       WarWizard 2.2: DOS Role Playing type game      xAlter 1.01 for X-COM I: Soldier Attribute Customizer.     XCOM II Cheating utilities. Edit Bases, Items, Soldiers, Money & Crafts!!      X4 Pyramid Base Station 3.0: Awesome VR Style 3D Action Adventure Game! Fin      xAlter 2.0 for XCOM2. CHeating utility.      Xargon 1: BEYOND REALITY 3.0: Epic MegaGames intense arcade action meets bo      XCOM II Terror From the Deep Saved Game Editor v1.0.           X-wing Game and Pilot Editor: Allows you to make alterations to the game &       EXTREME PINBALL 1.0 [Part 1 of 3]: Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes pres       EXTREME PINBALL 1.0 [Part 2 of 3]       EXTREME PINBALL 1.0 [Part 3 of 3]       XQUEST 1.0: PC version of the old Mac classic Crystal Quest. Get crystals!         XWingEd 1.0: Editor for X-Wing game.     Documentation for X-WING game.       Yet-Another-Othello 1.0: DOS Strategy game for 1 or 2 players. 286+, mouse,      Yendorian Tales Book I: RPG Ultima-Like Fantasy Game for DOS.      ZapShot: Old DOS Arcade Game.         Zee Artillery #1135: VGA DOS arcade game for two players. Optional: Joystic     BMP Map files for the Zelda Nintendo game.      ZJZ Risk 1.1: DOS version of the popular Parker Bros. war game "Risk".       ZONE 66: Ultra action 32-bit arcade game of mayhem and destruction from EPI     Zool DEMO: Sonic the Hedgehog clone. Requires VGA and supports SoundBlaster        ZZT 3.2: EPIC MEGAGAMES Arcade-adventure game with 16-color ANSI graphics.

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