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00_index.htm     Index of files in this directory     Text on 13 desirable character traits, a Jewish perspective.       101 things to do with your old 300 baud modem!       59 signs that you are going insane. Humorous.     How to Bride a LANtastic Network using Win95.        Official Apple ][ FAQ: Feb, 8th 1995 update.        Humorous collection of "Error reading Drive C:\.."       Absurd Product Warnings. Funny. Ascii Text.     Insurance Form Accident Summary by Policyholders. Very Funny!       Three text files that contain all the phone numbers, fax numbers, email and         A Text file about Attention Deficit Disorder and AD Hyperactivity D (ADHD).       90 ways to tell if you are a BBS addict. Humorous Ascii Text file.     Collection of aviation related jokes.        Humorous "What if an Operating System ran an Airlines". ASCII TEXT FILE.     Position Paper on American Moral Crisis By Republican Dr. Alan Keyes.     Amiga Qualities FAQ: Why an AMIGA is a good computer to have.        Top 10 Amish Spring Break Activities. TEXT.     The Walker/AT FAQ 1.2: Information about Amiga computers.         Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File 3.1.2: June 1996      Collection of the worst analogies ever used in a highschool essay contest.     Transcript of an interview with Andrea Thompson (Talia Winters from Babylon     Animal Rights Alert Bulletin. Very Funny.       Another collection of humorous answering machine outgoing messages.     Psychiatric Hospital Help Line Answering Mach     Collection of Outgoing Msgs for an Answering Machine. Very Funny.      Re-Evaluating Liberal Wisdom from the Center for the Historical Study of     Humorous text file about how Apple Computers arranged for it's own bombing     The Apple [computer] Bites the African Eve by: Marvin Lubenow. This text fi     Application Form for residence in Arkansas.      Exerpt from USA Today (April 18th, 1996) Money Section about Apple's critic      Top 10 Most Useful things to say when traveling in Moslem Arab areas.        Anne Rice FAQ: February 13th, 1995.        The Armed Woman's Attitude Test. Great!       MS Word DOC file on Firearms Laws/Reg from the ATF.
atombomb.txt     Humorous text file on how to build an atom bomb. Not serious.       Text file about the "Non-Discovery of Austrialia". Pretty funny!      Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions and BattleStar Galactica FAQ [Feb 95].        Things I learned from watching the TV series Babylon 5. Ascii Text file.     Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions list September 15th, 1995 Update. ASCI       Joke about the delivery of babies to the wives of three different men. Cute     Babylon 5 Technical FAQ Sheet 1.2
babysong.txt     Lyrics to "Song for the Parents of Aborted Babies"       18 Ways you can tell it's going to be a rotten day. Humorous.       Top 10 signs you've been to see a bad doctor       Bad Medicine: A Discussion of the "new morality" by Bob Jones, III. Text fi      Barney the Dinosaur arrested on 137 counts of child molestation. Humorous      Just What is Barney Anyway? Several leading theories about Barney. Funny.     Collection of all things "Bart Simpson" has ever written on the Blackboard     Unix Compatible BBS FAQ 1.4. Answers common questions about BBSes.     The 30 Commandments of BBSing.     Bumps in the Big Bang by: Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. Text file examining the     A Bibliography of Cthulhu Mythos Tales.     55 Things To Do To Get Rid Of Your Blind Date. This one is truly hilarious.        The Complete Collection of CLEAN Blond Jokes.      389 Blonde jokes. May offend some users.          Blockbuster Music Music Catalog of CD's/Cassettes now available. Simple TXT        Humorous listing of World's Shortest Books!        258 Things to do when you are bored.         50 Ways to confuse your Boss.     37 question Brain Damage Quiz. Find out if you are brain damaged or not.     Public Service Announcementto SysOps concerning Brain Dead Users (BDU's).     The Battle for the Mind: Brainwashing and hypnotic techniques being used on      How to win Barren Realms Elite by Joe Vidunas. ASCII TEXT FILE.     BRE hint file for League games         Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (crazy cow disease): Educational text file     Battlestar Red - A Red Dwarf/Battlestar Galactic Crossover by Michelle Mart     List of very funny "actual" bumper stickers.       We Wish You'd Fix The Budget (Sung to the tune of "We Wish You A Merry     Global Bus Error: A text file containing a humorous interpretation of a         Text file collection of lyrics to all songs on the CD Sixteen Stone by Bush      Humorous text file about modern camping.     Secret FISA Court and it's authorization of over 7500 gov. spies for Natl         If MicroSoft built Cars. Hillarious.        If Automobiles were manufactured the same way program are... cute.     Cartoon Laws: The complete collection      Cat Bathing as a Martial Art. Hillarious!
cateye.txt       Cats with Blue eyes are not color blind. Text File.         Basic Rules for Cats who have a house to run!
cboarder.txt     Playstation Cool Boarders 2 Hints and Tips to this Game          The Communications Decency Act of 1995: Ascii text file of the various      Various Star Trek personas answer the age old question "Why did the Chicken     Collection of jokes about our illustrious president, Bill Clinton. Most of     Interview with Circle of Dust member Scott Albert.       Murphy's Laws of Combat. Funny.     Companion by Ron Stanions: Fantasy RPG AD&D type story from the Internet.     The Computer Dictionary: A very HUMOROUS compilation of tongue-in-cheek     The Computer Hillbillies (sung to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies). Ver      19 Laws of Computers. Cute.     Funny Definations of various Computer Terms: HUMOROUS.      Humorous story about some cookies.        ASCII cows collection.      The Craving: Short story about an unusual craving. Cute.     Crazy film credits from films like The Naked Gun movies and Airplane.       Computer Underground Digest Volume 1, Issue 1       A compilation of Dave Barry's Funniest Humor Columns from the past few mont      You Might Be Working For A Defense Company If Humourous ascii text file.      16 Rules for Depression. Facetious.        You Didn't: Inspirational Poem for Fathers.      Informational file on "How to Align a Satellite Dish". ASCII Text.     Collection of Stupid Definitions for common everyday words.      Militia Leader's Home Raided By Gun Wielding Feds. Reprinted from The Balan      MSDOS Archives FAQ: May 1996 Update        The Groom Lake Desert Rat Online Newsletter, Issue #31, October 1995.       Dreams FAQ 1.5: Lucid Dreaming & Dream Interpretation. January 1995 Update.     Poem about the dangers of drinking and driving. Written by a teenage girl.        List of Bloopers from various Dr. Who episodes. Very interesting!         Collection of Dumb Thoughts for the Day.     Terminology from the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Dictionary of terms.        Collection of lyrics to Bob Dylan tunes.     How various professions would go about hunting an elephant in the 90's.     Collection of Elephant Jokes.     50 Fun things to do in an elevator.       Emulation FAQ v1.1.1: June 1996 Update       Sustainable Energy Strategy: Clean & Secure Energy for a Competitive Econom     You might be an engineer if.... Humorous text file describing traits of an      Collection of Mistranslations of English Language as seen on various signs      Text file on the Bad Effects of Smoking From the EPA.  Good Motivation!!     Funny Text file explaining how language would look if it were reformed over        Complete libretto for "Evita" by Andrew Lloyd Webber. ASCII TEXT.         50 Things to do with a test you know you are going to fail anyway.      Collection of badly misspelled or misworded "Please Excuse ____ from school       What most Women and Men expect in the oposite sex and what they really end      Quiz on 25 expressions that don't mean what they say.       EXTENTION List: Explains over 200 file extensions and the software with whi     FAIR's Response to Rush Limbaugh's "5000 word response to FAIR's Reign of     Frequently Asked Questions about OS/2 WARP. Release 3, February 20th, 1995.         Two text files about farting. May offend those of a more delicate nature.        Humorous text file explaining various types of farts.      Massachusetts and the Mussolinization of America: Text file on Fascism and       The World Inside My Screen by Fire Escape This is a short poem about the da
fequest.txt      A Dating Application and Compatibility Questionaire      The Ferengi Rules of Aquisition from DS9.          Faith & Intellectual Fairness by John F. Donovan: Text on how tolerance of       FileID.TXT 1.7: Details the advantage of including a FILE_ID.DIZ file with     Film Goofs List 2.0: Sept 1991 update. Includes a few bloopers from Indiann
finalexm.txt     A final exam from hell. Very funny.     Complete Listing of all fire departments in the St. Louis Metro area      Text file on improving connect speeds for 56K modems.        They Might Be Giants: Ascii text lyrics to the songs on the Flood cd.     FumbleRules: Some good tips and rules for correct writting.        Canonical List of how to totally freak out your roommate!     The Best Fruitcake You've Ever Had Recipe. Humorous. Not intended to encour     Collection of NEW words for everyday situations. Humorous.       The Code of the Geeks 3.0. July 12th 1995 Update. The Code is popular in     Girl's Geek Guide. Humorous text file.       Humorous Newpaper Article about how Men and Women really do think and act      Humorous story about how women are sensitive about dirt and insensitive abo     3 generations are compared on various subjects. Hillarious Text file.       You might be a Generation X'er if.... Humorous text file listing the signs      Profile of 4 generations. Multiple choice quiz. Hilarious. Find out what     Filk song for Star Trek Voyager called "Voyager (Rolling in the) Isle" sung      Humorous text file that warns about potential problems you might encounter       If General Motors had a help-line for people who didn't know how to drive,      Collection of quotes from Samuel Goldwyn.        Script to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Great.
gtauto.txt       Grand Theif Auto Game Codes & Hints (Playstation Format)      Short Stats for every GT Freestyle and Dirt bike.         Letter/editorial published originally in Soldier of Fortune magazine about       Tech support Question on Girlfriend 1.0 (Fiction)      Text file of the Original Hacker's Dictionary (These are slang terms used b       Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey of Saturday Night live. Something to think abo        Collection of "Happiness is..." sayings.     The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Trek: This is a humorous story about our       Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy-Class Cruiser by Adrian Roselli. Shorter      If Superhighways were like the Internet..       Hitler's Top 59 Mistakes..     Sarcastic letter to the Secretary of Agriculture about the "Not Raising Hog      Homebuilt Computers FAQ: June 1996     Collection of Microsoft Word for Windows files concerning The Missouri        Humorous story of one man's problems with his computer and his wife.
hooked.txt       Hooked: Humorous text file describing the chief symptoms of internet addict         90 hints and tips on what to do or not to do should you find yourself trapp     Text file about the U.S. House of Representatives Constituent E-Mail System        Humorous Text Collection. Pretty Funny. Dirty & vulgar texts have been remo          Wife's letter to her husband detailing how the family is doing since her          40 Things I Learned from the movie ID4 that I Never Knew Before! Absolutely     Text File: Not According to Hoyle by John W. Oller, Jr. Ph.D. A discussion     Text File: Evolution: A Theory In Crisis A commentary on the book by Michae     Text File: Evolution and the American Abortion Mentality by Paul G. Humber.     Text File: Christianity and Technological Advance - The Astonishing Connect     Text File: Compromises and Consequences - The Genesis Account by Fred Wills     Intersting opinion regarding the D.A.R.E. Program. Ascii Text.      The Nerd Inuendo List: How do nerds make lewd inuendos about nerdettes?          Collection of text files concerning some interesting information about the     Java Newsletter Issue 004 by Glen McCluskey 4 Contents: = Random Numbers in
jmoto2.txt       Jet Moto 2 Walkthur Codes: Playstation Game Console Format         Collection of messages by J. Michael Stratzynski (Babylon 5 creator) posted     Clean Jokes Pack Volume 1. Ascii Text file.     Clean Jokes Pack Volume 2. Ascii Text file.     Clean Jokes Pack Volume 3. Ascii Text file.     Clean Jokes Pack Volume 4. Humorous. Ascii.        Collection of jokes in ascii text format.      Kali and Net Games FAQ 1.2         Collection of humorous comments from kids on various things.       Interesting story about a Knight.     The Lady or the Tiger. Unusual story.       The LaMeR. Description of a BBS loser.     Famous Last Words. Cute.     Laws to Live By: Humorous variations on the "Murphy's Law" theme.     25 Laws that People Live By.      Court Transcript of lawsuit: Wile E. Coyote versus ACME Co.      50 Fun things to do during a boring lecture.        Lefty rights. Cute.     Collection of Libertarian oriented text-files on the following topics: What     Collection of Libertarian text files on the following topics: State Departm     Text files detailing the main points of the Libertarian Party's platform on     14 Rules of Life. Humorous.       Linux FAQ: March 96 Update     Collection  of Linux HOWTO FAQs: How to install Linux, Bootdisks, CDroms,     Collection of LightBulb Jokes.      Lamerize 1.1: Converts a text file to lamer-speak. Freeware from Bob Dunnel     Locksmithing FAQ 5.8: June 1996 Editon       Lois Lane and Superman meet Scully & Mulder. Would Superman make a good X-F      Looking Inward - Observations on the art of Meditation by K. Khao Suan Luan       Ever wanted to be a magician ?? Here is a great starting point! Includes 8        Magic The Gathering Frequently Asked Questions file. Originally published i     The Earth's Magnetic Field is Young by: Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. A text fil        Ascii Text lyrics to 3 zany songs by Marc Plainguet: Amoeba's in Love, Barb     Sick renditions of "Mary Had a Little Lamb".
mdwarr.txt       Joke registration card for the McDonnel-Douglas aircraft you just bought. C     The Arkansas Medical Dictionary. Funny.          Because We Are Men manifesto.         Is the Glass half-empty or half-full? Humorous reactions from various types         26 Minnesota Slogans.         The last letter from Mira Furlan (aka Delenn of Babylon 5 series) to her fe     5 Humorous Sayings.     ST:TNG Christmas Carol Guide, Top 54 signs the Enterprise D is not function
missyou.txt      I missed you last night.. a poem by Marc for FE     Explaination of the Mobyturbo speed transfer protocol for ZModem.      Humorous Text file spoofing Babylon 5 characters in a script about a fictic     Mom's Dictionary: Hillarious definitions.      Design Features of the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle by: Jules Poirier and     "Moon Over Bajor" Deep Space Nine spoof.     Computers and Electronics as depicted in movies and television. Humorous.
moviekno.zio     Things we've learned from the movies without realizing it. Very funny. Text     Glosary of Movie Terminology by Robert Ebert This ascii text file explains     Movie Trivia Frequently Asked Questions: August 1993 update. Collection of       Can Microsoft Catch Up To The Internet by Andrew Schulman. A Software       Humorous joke about Microsoft's campaigne to sell Windows 95 to the last      Microsoft Press Releases about their new MSNetwork and their competitive ra     Frequently Asked Questions sheets on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 serie       Microsoft: The Next Generation. Humorous Transcript of what happens when th      Genetic Drift or Grades of Shay: Star Trek The Next Generation Parody skit     Small collection of some of Murphy's Laws.
mylove.txt       My Love Remains... a poem by Marc for FE         Text file on THE TWO-PARTY SYSTEM MYTH: Presidential Elect.: The MultiParti     NASCAR racing schedules, team lists with wildcat color codes.       Text file that tells you about the SCAMS on the internet and how to tell if     Freq. Asked Questions about the crew of the Enterprise from Star Trek show.     Nightmare Factory Productions presents their all new October, 1996 guide! L      National Genealogical Society text files containing advice for beginners,       Technical translation of the classic "The Night Before Christmas" story. Fu
nocarr~1.txt     No Carrier... a poem by Fire Escape      99 excuses to skip out of work early.     Outcome Based Education related texts that critque the system and offer adv
ode2spot.txt     Words to "Ode to Spot" by Lt. Cmdr. Data of Star Trek the Next Generation      Collection of "You know you're old when..." saying. Humorous.     Lyrics to "I know an old lady who swallowed." children's song. cute.     Collection of humorous texts from the Usenet called "Usenet Oracularities       Humorous metaphors comparing various operating systems.. Text file.     Collection of interesting Oxymorons.     The 23rd Psalm for Busy People.     Cute techincal description of Paper & Pencils         Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology version 1.4: June 21st, 199      Internet PC Games Chart Document v14: Dec 95        Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood story. ASCII Text file.      Frequently Asked Questions about Anne McCaffery's "Dragonriders of Pern" se      Collection of humorous perplexing questions.      Andrew Loyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera Text File containing the whole scr     Proposition about a new form of phonetic english. Pretty funny.     Legal things  that can enhance your home phone like always busy and music o     Informational Text file for graphics users on how to obtain the Photo Works         Pity: A short poem by Nick Paplanus.        100 ways to freak people out while ordering a pizza.        Nice Love Poem [girl to guy].     Politics Online Magazine: Jun 5 Vol. 2 #2     Pool & Billards FAQ v2.1: May 1995 update.         Cute joke about the Pope getting a ticket.        E-Mail Addresses to all St. Louis Post Dispatch writers, reporters & editor       PowerPC FAQ: June 1996 update.     If Men Got Pregnant. Humorous.     The Procrastinator's Creed. Cute.      The 1997-1998 Play Station Games Listing. TEXT.         350 Synonyms for the word "Puke" and 16 bonus synonyms for special occasion     Star Wars: The Purple Sith. Star Wars Screenplay Spoof in which the The Reb      CAT Legal Research & Security FAQ on Password Stealing.     Quid Sit Veritas: The Odyssey of one Human Embreyologist as a Modern Diogen         30 Question Concrete Language Operation Test.      Are you addicted to BBSing? Here is a short True/False Quiz for you to take      Dr. Who Frequently Asked Questions: 9/94       Frequently Asked Questions on Red Dwarf the BBC sci-fi comedy. April 15th 1      Collection of "You might be a Redneck if.." sayings. Humorous.       Article written by Craig Charles (Lister) of Red Dwarf about his recent arr     Real Sysops Don't... A Humorous text file that outlines what real sysops do     A few suggested phrases for when you need to write a letter of reccomendati
redneck.txt      The Official Redneck Aptitude Test       ENTIRE scripts for EVERY SINGLE Red Dwarf Episode from Season 1 through Sea      Collection of Secret Real Estate Codes.     A guide to proper etiquette in the Men's restroom. Humorous.       What are your rights as a bbser?     Text file of Rush Limbaugh's 35 Truths      Technical translation of the lyrics to "Three Blind Mice". Pretty cute.     The story of "Ladle Rat Rotten Hut". The tale of Little Red Riding Hood     Complete Usenet List of RolePlaying Games Any & every RPG game ever created      Humorous definitions about boating & sailing.
santa.txt        Humorous Text file about the scientific reasons why Santa is dead. Very fun       101 Easy Ways to Say No, I'd Love to But...      Humorous and innovative answers to science oriented questions from kids on      Translations from the Dead Sea Scrolls. From Smithsonian Online. Text files      SCSI FAQ: May 1996 update. Systems & devices. Set up & config.      Seed Sowing Manual outlining the proccess for sowing orchid seeds.      31 Seminars for Women. Cute.     Text file on how to setup a BBS.     What Star Trek TNG would be like IF Dr. Seuss wrote the scripts.. Humorous     Science Fiction Television: Schedule of upcoming shows for various sci-fi     American Center for Law and Justice presents "Faith & Culture Aug/Sept 94: 
shoot.txt        A comparison of various computer languages, using a unique metaphor. Funny.      The Last "Full-Deck" Listing. Collection of alternate sayings indicating          Collection of lyrics from the ever-popular "Schoolhouse Rock" Conjunction       Cute story about a Burglar and a Parrot.      Beauregard's Manifesto. Satirical interview with a pro-slavery advocate wit        Collection of emoticon smiles and facial expressions that can be made by       Yet another collection of emoticon smileys.         Cute letters recording an ongoing problem between a hotel resident and her     Unoffical Pearl Jam Songbook 1.7 (2-16-95): Contains an assortment of lyric        Three little ditty's that are really silly.      Short odd tales about some very odd people.     Exerpt from "A Brief History of Spaceflight".         Monty Python's Flying Circus' famous Spam sketch. ASCII Text file.      Patterns of Speciation by: Kenneth Cumming, Ph.D.        SRE 10 Legacies: Heroes from the past are suddenly transporting to the pres     SRE Trilogy Set by Josh Renaud: SRE I The Best Game Ever Played, SRE II: Th     SRE Trilogy Set includes: SRE IV: The Confrontation! SRE V: The Underground     SRE Trilogy Set includes: SRE VII: Petros 50 years after SRE6, Amoko has     Two more SRE stories includes: SRE The Feqh-Netur. A new covert force arise     SRE Commerce & Advanced Trade Theories. Text file about several advanced         SRE: X. A diplomat's family is brutally massacred by pirates & he plots     SRE The Finale: This is the conclusion to the SRE Text Series. After a dizz      Star Trek Technical FAQ sheet. Details warp, transwarp, replicators, subspa      Star Wars Card Game informational file.     The Adventures of Starkiller by George Lucas: This is an early draft of the      Star Wars drinking game instructions. This game is not intended to promote     Humor: Collect. of Stephen Wright lines      Top 10 Signs that you watch too much Star Trek. Humorous!     Suggestions regarding what to do if you are stopped by police. TEXT.      Two short stories written by a user. Cool.     Seven Star Trek Parody skits off of national Star Trek Nets.     The Empire Strikes Back screenplay. Ascii.     Star Warners: Yoda gets three new apprentices Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Includ         Text file collection offering a new time line for the star trek series.
studblop.txt     A collection of student bloopers on history essays, Hilarious!  A must-read       36 Politically Correct ways of implying someone is a bit stupid or crazy. F        Humorous review of the Star Wars epic movies. Ascii text file.      What happens when the Star Trek universe collides with the Star Wars Univer       The Dark Sucker Theory. Outlines how Dark is faster than Light. Pretty Sill        Speculations regarding the upcoming Star Wars trilogy and what each one mig     Several David Letterman style top ten lists about Star Wars.        Humorous Listing of Sports Teams who's names are potentially offensive to t       A list of 96 funny sayings & observations.        Joke about a Texan who goes Ice Fishing...     The Twelve Days of Xmas Thank You Notes Humorous Text!      Pink Floyd: Ascii Text Lyrics to The Wall cd.      The Origin of Conceptual Thought in Living Systems by: A.E. Wilder-Smith     Tinytoon FAQ August 1995 Update.     Collection of David Letterman's Top 10 Lists in ASCII Text Form.     Collection of Top 10 and Top 20 Star-Trek Oriented Lists. Really funny.        Some General Truths of Life. Humorous.        Collection of Political Parodies to well known tunes.      A "UN-Controlled World" Means Global Gov't article from The New American/No     Collection of real honest to God E-Mail from a United Kingdom company regar     Tool: Ascii Text Lyrics to the Undertow cd.         The Universal Science Fiction Parody - A novel of Epic proportions. In this       Utopia by Sir Thomas More, 1516 AD. Ascii text file. Politics & Religion.       V: A Technical Reference Manual.      Test Reports from "Data Communications" magazine on 31 major brands of V.34      Thomas' Version of Murphy's Laws for Vending Machines. Humorous.          The MOS 6567/6569 Video Controller (VIC-II) and it's application in the     Recipe for Vindaloo as mentioned by Lister on the show Red Dwarf.        Humorous Listing of Fake Computer Viruses and what they potentially do. Fun     Humorous universal laws stated as if they were product warning lables. ASCI       Wedding Planning FAQ 2.4: February 96 Update     Humorous explaination of how Star Wars pilot Wedge Antilles really is the     What is Future Culture? Text file on various subcultures in our society.       Text file of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first?" comedy routine.
whoami.txt       Who am I, where are you?... a poem by Marc for FE     Dr. Who Frequently Asked Questions: July 1995 [Updated weekly]. Discusses t      AD&D/Fantasy Story from the Internet.          Collection of "Why?" questions and silly "answers" to them.        Collection of undocumented Windows 95 Error Codes. Absolutely side-splittin     Interesting little known tricks you can do with Windows 3.1.     An Open Letter to Witches, Wiccans and other Majick Practitioners.        Elemental Description of "Woman". Funny.      Great Rules for Writting. Funny.     Wun-liners collection from a local C-64 BBS. They are pretty good and can b        Collection of humorous texts about Christmas. Including: The Night Before        Collection of Top 10 Lists about Xena & Hercules series. Pretty funny stuff
xmas.txt         The 12 Days of Christmas.. Technology gave to me.. Humor       The Young Ones FAQ 1.33 and 1.34. Two text files detailing everything you e      Ygdrasil: A Journal Of The Poetic Arts Volume 1, No. 7. READROOM door forma      Ygdrasil: A Journal Of The Poetic Arts November '93 Edition. MSDOS ASCII     Text file from PKZIP (1992) that details a few of the older HACKS of PKZip 

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